Nikon Nivo NPL 322 5 Total Station – Hire Unit

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Total Station Hire Rates

Daily – $80 +gst

Weekly – $320 +gst

Monthly – $960 +gst

The Nikon Nivo NPL 322 5 Total Station Series of mechanical total stations includes 5″ accuracies, reflector less and prism-only models. All four NPL-322+ models feature dual axis compensation to correct for errors in tilt in the horizontal and vertical axes, wireless Bluetooth connections to external data collectors and 50,000 point onboard storage. All models have a 3,000m range to a single prism, with reflector less models additionally having a 400m non-prism range.

  • 5″ angle accuracies
  • Prism and reflector less measurements
  • Fast, accurate EDM
  • Convenient and long-lasting Li-ion battery
  • Easy-to-use keypad
  • Rugged and lightweight
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Dual axis compensation

All our hire units are calibrated, serviced and checked upon the completion of each hire. You can guarantee the working ability of our hire fleet. When you need a piece f equipment to perform on site the Cody Corporation hire fleet will be there to help. All purchased hire equipment will be service checked before sale to ensure working capabilities are met.

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