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Non Reflective Survey Targets

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These targets are all printed on 1 A4 sheet and depending on the size of the targets depends on the quantity of targets per sheet.


Non Reflective Survey Targets

The Non Reflective Survey Targets are manufactured from a high grade reflective material this resulting in high accuracy measuring. The targets are very popular in a number of applications.

Long term construction projects where an array of target locations can be selected for greater options when selecting a set out point. Before leaving a site think about placing more targets to suit the next stage of construction.

Monitoring surveys are an ideal application, the targets can be positioned at critical locations on the site. The targets will last for a number of years.

Select the size target that suits your application, considering the distance you will be from the target. More targets can be added adjacent to one another in a cross formation to increase measuring capacity.

All are targets are cut to actual size, no need to spend hours cutting them from sheet produced targets.

If you require a specific design, pattern or colour that is not available please contact us and we can arrange a custom designed target for your applications.


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