Orbit M66 GNSS Receiver

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Orbit M66 GNSS Receiver

M66 is a high-performance GNSS receiver designed for the construction of the Beidou ground-based enhancement system, with a built-in Linux operating system, completely independent intellectual property development, rich interface types, and diverse communication methods. It supports external frequency standard input, event input and large-capacity data storage, and supports multiple sensor inputs. It is the best choice for Beidou ground-based enhancement system construction.

The host integrates a high-precision positioning module, has completely independent core intellectual property rights, and support BDS B1I/B2I/B3I,B1C/B2a,GPS L1/L2/L5,GLONASS L1/L2,Galileo E1/E5a/E5bFull system and full frequency signal

Quick positioning function

The first positioning time is short, and it can lock and track satellite signals, which is convenient for users to quickly obtain accurate positioning data for subsequent calculations.。

MULTI interfaces and various communication methods

The host provides Ethernet, WIFI, serial port, Bluetooth and mobile network interfaces for customers to choose

Compatible with multiple protocols

Support NTRIP Client/Server/Caster, TCP Client/Server connect, FTP protocol file transfer , HTTP/HTTPS protocol , special network transmission function with protection strategy



⚫ With 800 super channels and dedicated fast capture engine
⚫ Support BDS, GPS, GLONASS & Galileo, support BD3
⚫ Adaptive anti-narrowband interference up to 60dB
⚫ Based on ARM Cortex-A7 design, Main frequency up to 536MHz
⚫ Internal 32G storage, Can be downloaded remotely, support multi-channel circular storage
⚫ Support secondary development
⚫ Industrial-grade design, strong aluminum alloy shell, meets IP67 design requirements, safe and reliable

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