RD500 Underground Locator RadioDetection

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RD500 Underground Locator

The RD500 Underground Locator System enables location of underground plastic water pipes.  A transonde is used to vibrate the water as it passes through it and across an internal spring system sending a minute sound wave back along the pipe. This sound wave is then detected using the RD500 Underground Locator Receiver hence locating the water pipe.

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The RD500 is an effective instrument for locating and tracing buried plastic and/or concrete water pipes. The RD500 traces plastic water pipes over distances up to 150m/yds from the point of application of the Transonde Transmitter. The unit is low cost, quick and easy to use. Operators can learn to locate and trace the RD500 in just a few minutes.

How the RD500 Underground Locator works

The RD500 is in two parts; the TransOnde Transmitter which is fitted to a fire hydrant, meter base or tap, and the hand-held Receiver to trace buried pipe away from the TransOnde. The TransOnde applies a distinctive wave signal along the pipe that is located by the seismic sensor in the receiver. The signal is then amplified to provide a response on the RD500 meter and in the headphones. Locator performance
The RD500 gives its best performance locating a single pipe running under grass or soil. Between 30 psi/2 bar and 75 psi/5 bar water pressure and adequate flow, the receiver will trace the line over
distances up to 150m/yds. Locate resolution is 25% of depth along the length of the trace with the pipe at depths down to 2m/6ft. Locating may be reduced when the pipe runs under pavement or concrete. The TransOnde pressure wave signal is dissipated, therefore the receiver peak response is spread over a wider area. Locate range may be reduced at the point where the pipe goes into a tee or joins a larger pipe, the
TransOnde pressure wave signal is either split or reduced.


RD500 Underground Locator Technical Data

  • The receiver is handheld and light with the meter fitted at the top of the 120cm/48in instrument
  • The meter is calibrated 0-100 to indicate a peak response to the TransOnde signal
  • Meter indicates battery state at each switch (ON). 100 hours of battery life with 9V PP3 alkaline battery
  • Headphone jack provided as standard for audio response
  • Rotary ON/OFF and sensitivity control
  • Receiver is supplied with a 14cm/5½ in earth spike

RD500 Underground Locator Features

  • Simple operation – a meter deflects showing pick-up of the vibrations on the water pipe
  • No disruption of services while locating
  • Audible and visual tracing indicator
  • Variable Power Pulsers (TransOnde) supplied
  • Distances up to 150 metres may be traced
  • Locate up to 2 metre depth


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