Rotating Laser Theodolite Kit

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The T5D Rotating Laser Theodolite Kit includes:

  • T5D Rotating Laser Theodolite
  • HL700 MM receiver
  • Carbon Fibre GPS Pole
  • Vertical Pole Clamp
  • Flat Top Tripod

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Rotating Laser Theodolite Kit

The Bear Scientific T5D Electronic theodolite is a precise 5-second measurement instrument, thanks to which you can easily and quickly determine the directions, angles or specify a slope.

The Bear Scientific T5D Electronic theodolite is a precise 5-second measurement instrument, thanks to which you can easily and quickly determine the directions, angles or specify a slope. This one of the most important measurement tools on a construction site, is characterized by a fairly extensive construction, for this type of instruments. This model, among others, has two side displays that enhance working comfort. Single axis compensator allows to operate in the area with unstable ground without the need to constantly monitor the accuracy of leveling the laser plummet over given point. Theodolite T5D is resistant to harsh weather conditions (IPX6), which makes it ready to work, even in the pouring rain. High capacity battery allows for long time measurements in the field.


  • Precision Measurements – a modern horizontal circle reading system allows immediate use of theodolite after its taking out from the case, and side tubular vial facilitates accurate levelling of theodolite
  • Vibration and Shock – compensator of horizontal circle lets the theodolite can work around heavy machinery causing vibrate the ground
  • Easy of use – using the theodolite is extremely easy, and the measurement results are displayed on the backlit LCD instrument screen
  • Versatility – for measuring angles, direction, altitude, inclination, staking, transfer the azimuths to the wells
  • Robust design, measurements in all conditions – the instrument is fully waterproof and dustproof (IPX6), so you can use it even in the toughest conditions on the construction site

Brand equipment at an affordable price

Bear Scientific is a brand of measuring instruments for the construction and surveying introduced to the Australian market by Cody Corporation in 2005, Bear Scientific Products are addressed to a wide audience, for whom one of the basic criteria for selection is a reasonable price with a simultaneous guarantee of adequate quality, which provides the ability to use the professional measuring set in multiple applications with lower costs than before. Bear Scientific Instruments are characterized by there own original designs and colours which makes the recognition of the brand simple and straightforward. With a network of service centres spread across the country, each user has easy access to professional services.

The Bear Scientific Electronic theodolite T5D is an instrument which is mainly characterized by ease of use. To use this tool, you do not need to have specialized knowledge, everything you need is in the manual. The instrument has a clear, double-sided displays, which dynamically showing current readings of the measured horizontal and vertical angles. The level vial allows you accurately level the instrument over a point. With the convenient laser plummet the instrument can be quickly set above the point and a precise compensator keeps the equipment in the correct position even when operating on an unstable surface. Highest quality optics guarantees the measurement is accurate.

Typical applications of the Bear T5D Theodolite is civil engineering and land surveying, angle measurements, determination, determination of slopes, tilts, and any work related to the determination of the direction and straight lines.

Compensator – Tilt Sensor Yes, Single Axis
Field of View 1° 30′ 00″
Laser Plummet Yes
Shortest Focusing Distance 1.3m
Scope Laser Yes
Accuracy – Angle 5″
Operating Temperature -20° to +50°
Display Panels Double Face
Magnification 30x
Self-Levelling Range ± 0° 3′ 00″
Resolving Power 3.5″
Laser Plummet Accuracy ± 1.0mm @ 1.5 m
Encoder Type Absolute
Battery Life (Alkaline) 80 Hours
Scope Laser – Range 200 m
Accuracy- Minimum Reading 1″ / 5″
Objective Lens Aperture 45mm
IEC Laser Classification Class I
Battery Type 4 x AA – Alkaline
Manufacturers Warranty 2 Years
What’s in the box Theodolite, Tool Kit, Manual, Hard Carry Case, Plumb bob, Battery
Data Protocols RS232
Weight 5.5 kg

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