Seco 6405-11-FOR Mini Prism

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Seco 25 mm Mini-Stakeout Prism Kit

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Overview for Seco 6405-11-FOR Mini Prism Stakeout Kit

The Seco 6405-11-FOR Mini Prism Stakeout Kit is a useful tool when doing surveys, stakeouts, and other site jobs. It features a 25-millimetre diameter and a -30 millimetres which are held securely within a fluorescent aluminium housing. It has a 5/8 x 11 thread both on the top and bottom. Also, it comes with a white adaptor that makes the prism height 115 millimetres for use with most prism holes.

This Seco stakeout kit includes white site cones that are located on the top and sides of the prism which serves as tilting axis lock knobs. Also, it comes with an adjustable circular level vial with 40-minute sensitivity. In addition, this prism can be mounted to four different heights: 50 millimetres, 100 millimetres, 115 millimetres, and 150 millimetres.

  • The white site cones on X and Y axis of the assembly help improve centering of your instrument’s cross hairs for vertical and horizontal pointing
  • Can be used in four height configurations: 50 mm, 100 mm, 115 mm and 150 mm, top or bottom of the pole, handheld, or tribrach mounted
  • Flo Orange
  • Weighs 0.80 lb (0.36 kg), 1.30 lb (0.59 kg) with heavy-duty point


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