Seco traverse Kit 2159-03-BLK

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Seco High Stability Traverse Kit

Seco traverse Kit 2159-03-BLK for 196 mm

Model Number: 2159-03-BLK


  • Seco traverse Kit 2159-03-BLK is preset to a 196 mm height
  • Adjustable for taller instruments ranging from 196 mm to 216 mm heights
  • Works with all Trimble S6 and the Spectra Precision Focus 30 instruments
  • This traverse or precise back sight kit includes a 62 mm prism assembly (6402-22-YLB) with a <5 arc seconds angle deviation and a silver-coated canister to resist fogging
  • The adjustable tilt target has 0 or -30 offsets
  • This kit comes with a rotating tribrach adaptor (#2153-10-BLK) with a 2.5X twist focus optical plummet and a 60-second adjustable plate vial
  • The adapter has a precision machined axis that rotates 360º
  • Over the point, accuracy is 0.5 mm at 1.5 m
  • Also included is European-made tribrach (#2153-06-BLK) which features three-screw-levelling with centre line, an 8-minute circular vial, and 5/8 x 11 base thread
  • This kit comes with a bright orange, hard shell carrying case (#2159-050) with high-density foam inserts, nickel-plated latches, and backpack straps
  • Color: Black
  • Weighs 9.95 lb (4.51 kg)


  • 62 mm prism assembly (6402-22-YLB)
  • Rotating Tribrach Adaptor (2153-10-BLK)
  • European Style Tribrach (2153-06-BLK)
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case (2159-050)

Traverse kit is calibrated and certified before each sale.

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