Sokkia Style Machine Control 360 Degree Prism

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Sokkia Style Machine Control 360 Degree Prism

The Sokkia Style Machine Control Prism is a highly rugged 360 Degree prism used for use on Machine Control Systems utilizing Total Station Control Systems.

With a 5/8 x 11 Female Thread on both ends this allows for the prism to be suspended to any particular height on the required machine to ensure accurate offsets.

These prisms are designed for use in harsh environments for usage with Total Stations. All our prisms are quality tested and certified before shipping. They have all been quality checked and tested for accuracy by our Cody Corporation technical service staff.



  • 2 x 5/8 x 11 female connectors 
  • Silver backing for easy pick up from total station on site
  • Height: 100mm 
  • Outside Diamter: 68mm 
  • Inside Diameter: 38mm 
  • Lightweight, Rugged and Highly Accurate
  • Prism Offset Constant: 7mm  


  • Carry bag
  • Protective Pocket

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