Lux Meter Trotec BF05

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Trotec BF05 Lux Meter

Universal light measuring made easy

Accurate light measurements are not a luxury. The compact Mini Lux Meter enables you to carry out precise illumination measurements both indoors and out.

The BF05™s detector fulfils the ISO approved CIE (International Commission on Illumination) requirements. The integrated spectral filter reliably filters out all the infrared elements so that only the relevant light spectrum is measured.

This highly successful combination comprising reliable measuring technology, ergonomic design and unbeatable value for money makes the BF05 the ideal light measuring device for a variety of different applications.

Make the most of your BF05 and use it to measure illumination levels at home or in the workplace, to create window displays or to determine the right lighting conditions at film and photo shoots or at fairs.

  • BENEFITS IN PRACTICE: Measures illumination levels and light exposure Excellent value for money Large, crystal clear display with easy-to-read measuring values Maximum value function Can be used with one hand only Automatic back light Auto power off

The BF05 can also be used to check how much light plants in parks or green areas, conservatories or even the plants in your own garden are exposed to. And it can help architects dur­ing planning or be used to carry out performance checks on indoor and outdoor lighting systems.

Technical Data BF05 Lux Meter
Article No. 3.510.205.080
Light detector Long life silicon photo diode with infrared filter
Selectable units of measurement Lux (lx) or foot candle (fc); selectable
Measuring range 0 to 40,000 lx (0 to 3,716 fc)
Resolution 0.1 lx / 0.01 fc
Measuring accuracy ±5 % ± 10 lx/fc (< 10,000 lx / 1,000 fc),
±10 % ± 10 lx/fc (> 10,000 lx / 1,000 fc)
Measuring rate 2.5x per second, nominal
Functions Maximum value, selectable units of measurement (lux/foot candle), backlit display, auto power off
Dimensions 157 x 54 x 34 mm
Weight 138 g (incl. battery)
Scope of delivery Measuring device, battery, operating instructions

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