Dew Point Scanner Trotec BP25

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Dew Point Scanner Trotec BP25

Universal pyrometer to accurately locate areas where condensation can form


The Dew Point Scanner Trotec BP25 can accurately locate potential drops below dew point on material surfaces and positions where mould can form or insulation is poor.

Using the BP25, surface temperatures as well as current room climate values can be determined in one measuring process.

The pyrometer combines these values to calculate the dew point threshold at the measuring point and gives an acoustic and visual alarm in the event of a risk of condensation due to a drop below dew point:

An indicator light with traffic-light colours shows whether the surface temperature at the measured point is in a safe, green range. At borderline temperatures, the colour changes to orange and when the temperature drops below dew point, a red LED with an additional acoustic alarm emits a warning.


  • Benefits in practice: One device for measuring surface temperature, air temperature, humidity and dew point temperature Acoustic and visual dew point alarm Measuring spot diameter display due to dual laser technology Measuring optic 20:1 Colour LED and bar graph indicator display of condensation risk Back-lit display Automatic switch-off Excellent value for money

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