Particle Counter Trotec PC200

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PC200 particle counter

Portable environmental measuring device for testing air quality ­indoors, for testing the efficiency
of HVAC filters, testing for leakages of airborne particles, as well as for testing the technical cleanliness
of process engineering

Laser particle counter with integrated environmental measuring device and built-in photo
and video function the PC200 is the perfect solution for monitoring, assuring quality and analysing
air quality for productivity, health and safety:

PC200 particle counter

Filter leak check

Airborne particle filters used in industrial processes must be regularly checked for correct functionality and tightness.

These checks are particularly important after installation or replacing filters in order to prevent possible leaks.

The high sensitivity and counting accuracy of the PC200, as well as its
ISO 21501-4 conformity make it a perfect choice for testing efficiency and secure seals of industrial airborne ­particle filters..

Technical cleanliness in process engineering

In sensitive production environments, impurities can gather on products from micro and nano particles such as aerosols, dust, soot or bacteria in such a manner that as well as optical, also functional impairments can occur.

Here, the PC200 is an ideal tool for preventing contamination as it eliminates quality losses due to particle impurities.

Indoor air quality measurement

The inhabitants of developed countries spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. Thus, the quality of the room air is of particular importance for health and productivity.

With the PC200, problematic concentrations and sources of hazardous particles can be reliably detected and the compliance with statutory regulations can be documented.

Technical facility management

The PC200 is ideal for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technicians for all their maintenance and testing work at various pump systems. Faulty installations can quickly lead to noticeable air quality problems in connecting rooms. The PC200 allows sources of hazardous contamination to be located, filter efficiency to be determined and particle concentrations in the indoor air to be evaluated.

Restoration companies can also use the PC200 to quickly and reliably detect partition leaks in areas of restoration.

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