Moisture Meter Trotec T650

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T650 material moisture meter
The T650 is a professional handheld measuring device for non-destructive detection of moisture spread in sub-surface layers up to a depth of 4cm.

Ask most people what they think of when they see the label Made in Germany” and this is what they will probably tell you: premium quality, premium reliability, premium efficiency and premium value. The T650 digital moisture meter bears out all these expectations with only one exception the only thing that is not premium about the T650 is its price. The attractively-priced T650 provides precise real-time readings on a crystal-clear display and is ideal for locating moisture spreads lurking below the surface of floors and walls as well as for detecting dry places. A high degree of accuracy means that discrepancies such as measurement drift, a common occurrence among analogue meters, are now a thing of the past. And because you can carry out extremely accurate digital measurements with the T650 you can quickly determine when certain materials are ready to be laid using CM-supported measurements.

Apart from a maximum and a minimum function to help you carry out direct analyses the T650 is also equipped with an additional hold function to freeze the value on the display a feature you will not want to miss on a meter of this calibre. The display is well-structured and easy to read. There are two sets of readings one above the other so that you can select a second value whenever you wish to display it along with your real-time value.

Another added advantage : an acoustic alarm

Set your own individual thresholds for the acoustic alarm by entering a value which when exceeded will trigger the acoustic alarm. Cover whole walls and areas in a fraction of the time it would normally take and focus on your task and not the display: your trusted T650 will automatically warn you as soon as the measured value falls short of the threshold you have set. Isnt it great to have something you can really rely on?

Here a quick run-down on the technical data:

material moisture measurements: subsurface

measuring principle: dielectric

measuring range: 0 to 200 digits

resolution: 0.1 digits

accuracy: 0.1 digits

penetration depth: 40 mm

warning signal: acoustic

upper menu options: MAX, MIN, HOLD

lower menu options: ALARM

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