Infrared Thermometer Trotec TP9

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The TP9 professional pyrometer combines precision measurement technology, flexible application possibilities and a variety of superior measuring functions with easy handling, unbeatable value for money and premium quality, thus putting it a cut above the rest.

Whether it is used for diagnostics or maintenance work on heating, climate or ventilation installations or extensive servicing tasks in the fields of industry and crafts an extensive measuring range from -50°C to +1600°C, an optical resolution of 50:1, a freely-adjustable degree of emission and an abundance of technical features mean that the TP9 precision infrared thermometer is ideally-suited to deal with a whole catalogue of complex and demanding measurement tasks in the field of maintenance, inspection, analysis and documentation.

The integrated data-logging function for the determination and storage of as many as 100 measuring spots enables inspection paths to be retraced with the utmost of ease.

Each time a measurement is carried out, the TP9 determines the maximum, minimum, difference and average value in addition to the current value displayed on the monitor.

The measurement values are easy to read on the backlit display; this makes the TP9 highly suited to operations in conditions with poor or insufficient lighting.

Furthermore the infrared thermometer is equipped with an alarm function that can be set to respond to individually configured upper and lower alarm thresholds. The acoustic alarm signal and the visual alarm are both activated when the measured value exceeds the set thresholds.

The two dual laser spots which automatically visualise the size of the measuring spot and the TP9s improved optical characteristics mean that surface temperature measurements can be carried out on extremely small components and faraway objects with the utmost precision.

The TP9 can also be easily mounted on a tripod for long-term measuring.

  • BENEFITS IN PRACTICE: Highly accurate quick reaction time Extensive measuring range from -50°C to +1,600°C (depending on the model) Measuring spot diameter information thanks to dual-laser technology Degree of emission freely adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0 Alarm function as well as a variety of additional functions Backlit display Maximum value indicator for quick and exact determination of the hottest spot in the target area Data-logging function for the determination and storage of as many as 100 measuring spots Combined infrared and contact sensor temperature measurements Battery-saving power supply via the USB port of your PC  ideal for long-term measurements Software-supported series of measurement optional possible

Combined infrared and contact temperature measurement

The TP9s miniature contact pin widens the application possibilities for additional contact temperature measurements using the type K sensor, as included in the scope of delivery, or any other third-party temperature sensor that is identical in construction.

The TP9 can also be connected directly to the USB port of a computer via the cable included in the scope of delivery in order to save battery power. The USB function also offers the possibility to carry out software-supported measurement series in the scope of long-term measurements of temperature developments during mechanical or climatic processes.


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