Wood Moisture Measurement Kit Professional

For the professional measurement of the following: Wood humidity (incl. temperature compensation => accuracy!) building humidity and relative air humidity, dew point temperature, air and surface temperature (high temperature measurements).

T3000 Multifunctional Measuring Instrument

With the T3000 from the MultiMeasure Professional series you are equipped ideally for different measuring purposes because you can connect almost all sensors and electrodes to this model from the well-known MultiMeasure program.

Professional Multifunctional measuring instrument to measure:

  • Relative humidity and temperature
  • Surface temperature
  • Wood and building moisture
  • Graphic display of moisture content distribution (raster measurement) as part of leak detection and damage location
  • Airflow
  • Trace gas (H2) as part of leak detection

Due to the innovative concept of a universal base unit with a novel button-touchscreen-control which can be completed with flexibly interchangeable sensors the operator doesn’t have to carry a whole collection of measuring instruments anymore. Through the extensive sensor and electrode range the measuring instrument T3000 is suitable for classic applications in industrial and laboratory measurement technology as well as for measuring in the construction diagnostics and many other areas of the building trade like heating/air conditioning/ventilation/sanitary provisions, flooring experts, coating companies, painters and carpenters which, for example, have to check moisture in walls, floors or wood.

TS 210 SDI climate sensor

Temperature and humidity readings are displayed simultaneously in real time on the display of T2000 / T3000. Optionally, the minimum, maximum, average, or “hold” value can be displayed in addition to the measured value.

TS 131/150 SDI Temperature Sensor

The sensor accuracy class 2 is particularly suitable for the use of temperature compensation in the determination of moisture content or dew point temperature control. Due to its design, the surface temperature can be determined very accurately.

TS 60 hand electrode

For wood and building humidity measurements using the resistance process (connectable to T500, T3000 and DL200P).

TS 070 ram-in electrode

With manoeuvrable impact grips for accurate area and depth measurement, particularly for woods with different humidity distributions (e.g. locating humidity nests), using Teflon-insulated electrode tips. These are available in lengths between 45 mm and 60 mm.

Replacement electrode tips, tin

TC 20 connector cable

TC 30 connector cable

TP7 Pyrometer

Due its large temperature measuring range, high optical resolution and many progressive functions, the TP7 pyrometer is the first choice for a certain diagnosis and maintenance at heating and air-conditioning systems, and for comprehensive maintenance support in industry and small trades.

V1 Test Block

For checking deviations in measurements and for monitoring the measuring accuracy when using resistance electrodes to measure moisture in wood or building materials with the T500 and the T3000 MultiMeasure moisture meters.

TS 070/ 60 mm Teflon electrode tips

BO26 mini-videoscope

The BO26 enables you to carry out visual inspections in places which are otherwise virtually inaccessible or extremely difficult to reach and allows you to document and save the inspection results not only as a photo but also as a video which you can watch at will on an external monitor or transfer to your PC for further processing. The 180° image inverter function, the side-view mirror attachment and a powerful 4-stage LED illumination with infinitely variable brightness control guarantee clear and conclusive images and videos in any kind of environment.

MultiMeasure – usage cases 1 x case II standard 

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