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UAV GROUND CONTROL POINT Core Flute designed specifically for drone mapping systems. Cody Corporation propriety Ground Control Targets offer an efficient solution to your target surveyed Ground Control Points. Constructed from Core flute, Cody has deliberately reformulated the traditional concept to offer a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. Ground Control Targets are 600 mm square targets to be positioned within your Aerial Survey for ease of image recognition when processing your data. Our targets can be printed in Black or Grey to best suit the project you are working on.

Available in a variety of designs, sizes and colours.

Also available custom made UAV Targets built to your specifications.

Printed on core flute material for fixed applications.

600 mm x 600 mm Targets

Sold in packs of 25


GCP Distribution and Count 

Establishing how many Ground Control Points you need to use and exactly where to place these points across your area of interest can make or break your survey accuracy values. Below are some general guidelines to consider in planning your GCP data.

How many do I need? 

Having to minimal Ground Control Points across your survey area can lead to inaccuracies in select regions of your survey. It is important to consider the full size of your area of interest in the planning of these GCP’s. Often times we use tools like Google Earth to create a full plan for our Ground Controls before ever going out to the field.

  • Typically you will need at least 4 ground control points in your survey to get good accuracy on a square paddock. But for larger areas more GCP’s should be considered.
  • For larger areas no more than 10 Ground Control Points are needed.

It is difficult to use a set formula as every site will be different for the number of GCPs needed in relation to the size of the survey. Much of the decision will depend on the shape, size and vertical changes of the area you are surveying. A long rectangular survey will need more GCP’s within the survey area than a square survey of 50 acres. Also if there are mounds in a given area or pits extra GCP’s will be needed to improve the results.

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