Vibration Monitoring Kit

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Monitor Vibration levels for

Quarries and Blasting Sites.

  Construction and Civil Sites.


  Tunnels & Subways.



Vibration Monitoring Kit

Cody Corporation’s Vibration Monitoring Kit is able to measure the velocity of the point where it is installed, providing a complete analysis of the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations. Performs real-time and remote vibrational analysis. Understand if the vibrations and stresses caused by construction sites close to the monitored structure exceed the values set by the legislation in force.

Cody Corporation’s Vibration Monitoring kit includes everything you require to monitor construction Site Vibrations. The kit includes:

  • Vibration Sensor
  • Wireless Data Gateway
  • Monitoring Portal Access

The Vibration Monitoring Kit is the most affordable option on the Australian market and by being Wireless there is no need for physical on-site checks, massive Solar Boxes or any cables.

Just install your sensors on your site locations and setup your gateway on your site office and access the portal from inside your office and collect data 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

All sensors record temperature as an additional measurement. All our sensors are Wireless and are battery powered with over 2 years battery life and use the LoRaWAN wireless communication protocol to transmit data from sensor to Data Access Portal.

Why Monitor Construction Vibrations

  • Risk Management

    Avoid excessive vibrations that can lead to property damage, litigation, project delays, and increased costs

  • Construction Control

    Inform construction engineers of excessive vibrations so they can take mitigating actions

  • Compliance and Community Relations

    Provide documentation to satisfy regulatory agencies and manage relations with neighboring property owners

  • Legal Defense

    Help resolve damage claims


Sources of Construction Vibration

Transient Vibrations

  • Blasting
  • Impact Pile Driving
  • Dynamic Compaction
  • Crack and Seal Equipment


Continuous Vibrations

  • Vibratory Compaction
  • Vibratory Pile Driving
  • Excavation Equipment
  • Pavement Rubblizing


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