GeoMax ZDL700 Digital Level

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Easy accurate and fast digital level from Geomax which has been designed to handle all conditions.

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The GeoMax ZDL700 Digital Level provides you with accurate results and demands ease of use in combination with fast operation. That’s why we’ve introduced the ZDL700 digital level for the surveying and construction world. Now you can ‘go digital’ for your entire levelling task with a product that delivers outstanding price-performance and “Works when you do!”.

Quick, Easy & Error-free

The super fast measurement speed of less than 3 sec. in combination with the simplicity of the one-push measure and store functionality provides faster, more economical workflow. Digital reading combined with internal memory make miss-readings and operator interpretation errors a thing of the past.


Extensive field tests verify the excellent accuracy of the ZDL700 of 0.7 mm for 1 km double-run level. This makes the ZDL700 an ideal level not only for high order levelling but also deformation measurements and precise surveying, as well as general construction.

Large Internal Memory

To further enhance your levelling, memory for up to 2’000 points is integrated in the GeoMax ZDL700 Digital Level. Features like the ability to switch between manual and automatic point numbering increase not only your flexibility but also allow you to document your work on the fly.

Seamless Dataflow

The data recorded on the job site can be simply downloaded by connecting the ZDL700 with a PC or laptop. Seamless dataflow from field to finish is guaranteed. In addition, external data collectors or PDAs provide you with an additional degree of flexibility for downloading or processing your measurements online.

Built for all conditions

The high quality optical system of the ZDL700 in combination with its proven algorithms ensures operation in all conditions, including low light and bright sunshine. Even in complete darkness, a small fashlight is all you need to continue accurate measure-ment. Whether working indoor, outdoor or in a tunnel the ZDL700 “Works when you do!”.

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