Proshot Alpha 1 – In a Class of it’s Own

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The Proshot Alpha 1 is a compact and robust construction grade automatic level with class leading features. Californian designed and manufactured, the Proshot Alpha construction laser is designed for earthmovers, concretors and general contractors that require a reliable and accurate laser to meet ther needs year after year.

Alpha 1 – A class of it’s own

With a Class 1 laser classification, Safework Australia deem the Proshot Alpha I to be Safe for use under all Conditions of exposure – Making it the only laser in it’s class that can be used on any site in Australia without the need for a safety officer, signage or laser operator training. Larger civil companies have increasingly strict site safety requirements, having a hassle free Class I laser onsite could mean the difference between continuing your work and being kicked off site – Saving you time and money!

 Classification Description For use in building and construction industry?
Australian Standard 2397:1993 – Safe use of lasers in the building and construction industry 
Class 1  Safe for use under all conditions of exposure. Yes
Class 2  Low-powered lasers that may require some administrative controls but present little hazard (for example, eye protection is usually provided by normal blink and aversion responses).  Yes, but with Administrative Controls
Class 3A
These lasers emit higher levels of light and their use requires more stringent engineering and administrative precautions in order to ensure they are not used with optical instruments (for example, a builder’s level or theodolite) which would concentrate the beam so that it would all enter the eye. Yes, but with Administrative Controls and Precautions
Class 3R These lasers operate at the same power levels as Class 3A but have higher levels of irradiance (power density). These lasers can be used for building or construction applications but should not be used in dimly lit building or construction applications (that is less than approximately 100 lux).  Yes, with Administrative Precautions and not in a
Class 3B  These lasers emit either invisible or visible radiation potentially hazardous to the eye and skin. These lasers must not be used for building or construction tasks. No
Class 4
 These lasers are high-power devices capable of producing diffuse reflections hazardous to the eye. Skin exposure to the direct beam of a Class 4 laser is also hazardous. These lasers must not be used for building or construction tasks. No

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