QML800 QuickMark Layout System

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Introducing the QML800 QuickMark Layout System

The QML800 QuickMark Layout System is a new way to lay out interior points, using two laser beams that literally mark a visible “X” on the point. The lasers are controlled wirelessly using an Android tablet with standard gestures and controls. Just select the desired point within your digital plan set and the lasers will find that point within seconds.

The QML800 system is useful for drywall contractors, MEP contractors, general contractors, construction managers, architects and anybody requiring a quick layout of a CAD design on a project.


Who was the QML800 Made for?


The QML800 is a game-changer for anyone who wants to streamline their layout process. It takes out a lot of time and inefficiencies of traditional construction layout practices. It’s not survey grade (you’re looking at 1.5mm / 3mm for your error outside of 35 Meters of the system setup), but sub industries like Framing, Drywall, Mechanical, Electrical and Trades who fall within 3mm tolerance are perfectly suited for its capabilities.

What’s the process like compared to tape measures, paper plans and other traditional layout methods?

Typical layout methods utilize several manual steps, construction personnel and mechanical processes in order to determine where CAD features are located on a jobsite. Traditionally, this was the most effective way to get as many points laid out on your project as possible. There are proficient mechanical contractors who can get 100-200 points laid out in a day using these traditional methods.

But with the QML800, you could be looking at up to 400-500 points a day without missing any critical details, since you’re working directly from the digital plans and probably with just one guy. The only limitation of the QML system is that the range is limited to about 35 Meters from the instrument’s position to the points being laid out – and it’s also limited to indoor use.

If your looking for higher accuracy indoor and outdoor then a traditional Robotic Total Station with the suitable software is the only alternative. But for the price of such a system the QML800 is a vastly cheaper alternative with exceptional results within its field.  

Who is the QML800 made for?

A person who is using tape measure constantly with control lines. That process is dependent on whoever has that control line. The error could be off if the control lines are wrong – and he might not necessarily realize this. He’s basing his accuracy on someone else’s work and relying on manual, mechanical measurements with a tape in order to orient himself to the rest of the project. On the other hand, the QML provides feedback on the quality of your accuracy relative to your CAD model in real-time. It’s simple. Once your setup orientation is complete, you simply pick which point you’d like to layout first, then it marks the spot with an “X” and shows you exactly where you need to be.

Let’s say you’re getting an idea of streamlining your workflow and you’re looking at new technology. You have traditional methods that most contractors use like using measuring tape. You’re relying on whoever is running the tapes the entire day. The problem with this way of working is your relying on a human to not make an error. With fatigue and compounding errors this can cause havoc during the layout process.

Technology has come along where we don’t have to worry as much about unaccountable and unintentional human error. Basically, all you need that person to do is to accurately establish their initial position with the aid of instantaneous verification within the QML’s software and begin laying out points.

So, you improve timing, accuracy, and efficiency while decreasing human error. On average the QML800 system will save you around 50% of your labour time when setting out points on site. It will also drastically decrease errors which eventually lead to overtime of employees being paid and the costs involved in fixing these errors. So as you can see the QML800 system will pay for itself very quickly by saving you those extra expenses which arise on every job.

How much skill do you need to do this?

Training on the QML800 System is a quick and simple process. Within an hour you will have an enough understanding of the CAD interface system and how to create your initial control lines and start laying out points.

Compare this to previous methods which are more an art then a science with a lot of reference checking your CAD designs and double measuring this will save you a lot of time and drastically remove errors from your work.

You can do virtually everything related to construction layout on a QML system. It’s not overly complex and it takes a lot of the human error out of it that you’d experience with alternative layout methods. You’re basically doing all the layout and data collection necessary on your tablet, while the marking laser setups remain stationary. The lasers are already plumbed up and doing the work for you, so there is minimal human errorIt’s so intuitive that it’s difficult to really mess up.

Quick Assumptions about the QML800 System.

“Something this beneficial and better then traditional methods must be expensive right?” That is something which is always said to us when we explain the QML800 system. If you compare this to other Setout methods and against Robotic Total Stations the QML800 System is a fraction of the price and as mentioned above will pay for itself in a few jobs by saving you Overtime pay and Error fixing.

“It must take a long time to setup?” The setup time from getting on site is also not that drastic at all. Within 5 minutes of getting everything out of their boxes and placed on site you can be up and working on getting your control lines created and starting you point layout.

“This sounds super complicated and to high tech for me”. The QML800 is beginner-friendly and very easy to use. With our experienced and trained staff on site to give you a demo first time round you really can’t go wrong. A “Cheat Sheet” on how to operate and setup control lines and work the system can also be provided for future reference but we guarantee within a couple of jobs you will be an expert with the QML800 system.

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Cody Corporation is the sole trader of the QML800 system in South Australia and we are offering onsite demos to new customers on how the QML800 system can save you time and money with your site Setout.

Contact us today and have a chat with one of our experienced staff about booking in a time to have a demonstration of the QML800 on your next job site and see for yourself the speed, efficiency and money saving ability that comes with this amazing system.

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