Radiodetection Underground Locator New Model Comparison

By Cody Corporation
RD8200 Underground Locator

Radiodetection Underground Locator New Model Comparison

RD7200, RD8200 & RD8200G locator models

Radiodetection Underground Locator New Model Comparison – when it comes to ​Preventing damages to buried infrastructure this is one of the biggest challenges for industry professionals.

Use the best available technology​:
The RD8200G is our most advanced locator. It enables technicians to carry out their job correctly and efficiently, regardless of complexity.

Give your technicians expert training:
Our comprehensive training programs can be tailored to your specific needs to ensure operators are fully proficient.

Influence on-site behaviour:
The RD8200G records details on how, when and where it is used. Utilize this information to drive best-practice, identify training needs and maximize operator productivity.

“When damage prevention is at the heart of what you do”


When precision and accuracy matter most when locating in congested areas and in the presence of strong interfering signals.
Locating and tracing a specific utility in congested areas can be challenging. The RD8200 enables the field technician to confirm they are following the correct line, check for interference and avoid false positives, giving them confidence in the quality of their work.
The demand for accurate utility maps is growing rapidly. The RD8200 precision locator can
be connected with external GNSS systems, such as the Trimble Catalyst, and RD MAP+ to deliver cm-accurate maps.
Radiodetection Underground Locator New Model Comparison – RD8200 & RD7200

In common with all our precision locators, the RD7200 delivers the premium build quality, reliability and ergonomics our customers demand and rely on. It is a versatile high quality solution, suitable for a wide variety of difficult locating tasks:

  • Use in all weather conditions and tough environments, such as construction sites
  • Accurate power cable identification
  • Sonde locating for water, waste water and gas pipes
  • Use of higher frequencies for high impedance, sheathed telecom lines
  • Long distance tracing of buried utilities and pipelines

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