Structural Health Monitoring

Monitor Rail Infrastructure – Long Form and Localized Monitoring.

Monitor for Cant, Twist, Vibration Change and Ballast Void Detection – All with the 1 Monitoring System

Tilt Meters

Monitor Track Cant & Twist Utilizing Tilt Meters

Vibrometer 1


Monitor Vibration Increase using Vibrometers

DECK Sensors

Monitor the detection of Ballast Void formation and the movement occuring.

Monitor Mining Rail Lines

Improve track health ensuring trains stay on the track safely without derailments. Increase rail speed limits and load limits and increase profits.

Monitor Viaducts and Bridges

Monitor the most critical points of your rail infrastructure. Monitor for structural movement, Deformation and major failure.

Monitor Track Bends and Problem Points

Ensure the most under pressure


Monitor Long Rail Tracks


Monitor Complete Track Health

Railway Health Monitoring

Know your tracks condition before a train hits the track

Utilizing our wireless railway monitoring solution you will be able to gather data from your office about the condition of your track hundreds of Kilometers away. Know every inch of your tracks condition minimizing delays, derailments and allowing you to increase speeds and weight loads. 

Utilizing LoRaWAN Data Transmission Technology allowing for seemless data collection
Know Your Tracks Condition

Gather 100% of your tracks data

With the compaction and transmission of data through the LoRaWAN protocol you can be sure every piece of information our monitoring sensors gather will be displayed on your screen providing you with 100% health overview of your track.


Using a series of Tiltmeters or Tilt-beams, mounted on the sleepers, it is possible to obtain their rotations and longitudinal deformation, that represents the ground deformations.

The dynamic part of the monitoring is carried out with Deck sensors that allow you to monitor the dynamic displacement of the sleepers when the train passes.

With the use of Analog and Digital communication nodes, it is possible to complete the monitoring system with all non-native wireless geotechnical sensors.

Cant of the tracks
Vertical Deflection
Twist of the tracks
Ballast Void


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