Spectra Precision LL300N Laser Level

By Cody Corporation
LL300N Laser Level

 Spectra Precision LL300N Laser Level

The Spectra Precision LL300N Laser Level is the leading entry level construction laser level on the market but when it comes to laser levels there are countless different models on the market and that makes purchasing a quality one a convoluted and difficult process.

When the market is littered with cheap, poor quality lasers and a load of different companies purchasing good publicity about their products to further confuse the market. This makes it impossible to understand the differences between laser levels and why certain ones are better than others.

This brings us back to the Spectra Precision LL300N Laser Level, when your looking at purchasing a laser level for construction & earthmoving works there are a few pieces of information you should be looking for.

5 most important features for a Laser Level

Accuracy – You should be looking for a laser level which has a higher accuracy than 3mm @ 30M

Operation Distance – Laser Levels should be able to reach at least 500M Operation diameter.

Battery Life – Having a 30 Hour Battery Life is essential for operation out in the field

Water & Weather Protection – A quality laser level requires at least an IP65 rating

Drop Height Rating –As a minimum, construction lasers should be able to withstand a 1M drop from a tripod and avoid major damage.


Spectra Precision LL300N Specifications

Now that these specifications have been outlined, we will compare the Spectra Precision LL300N to them and see how it stacks up.

Spectra Precision LL300N Accuracy – 2.2mm @ 30M, the accuracy ensures all your construction works are going to be within specifications.

Spectra precision LL300N Operation Distance – 500M Operation Diameter, this allows the LL300N to be used in all forms of Construction & Civil jobs.

Spectra Precision LL300N Battery Life – NiHm 40 Hours, Alkaline 90 Hours makes the LL300N able to work for a long period of time without recharging or battery replacement.

Spectra Precision LL300N Water & Weather Protection – IP66 rated, this makes the LL300N Water and Dust Proof and able to be used in all conditions.

Spectra Precision LL300N Drop Height Rating – The LL300N is drop tested from a huge 2M, this makes the Spectra Precision LL300N the most durable Laser Level on the market.


After breaking down these specifications you can clearly see that the Spectra precision LL300N Laser Level is a quality laser level for all your construction needs. Couple that with the HL450 MM receiver and you have yourself everything you need to complete your construction tasks quickly, accurately, and safely.

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