Structural Health Monitoring

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What Do We Offer?

Cody Corporation has the widest range of Structural Health Monitoring solutions available.

We can monitor the health of structures such as:

Bridges & Viaducts

Buildings & Construction

Rail Tracks

Dams, Towers & Specialist Assets

Structural Monitoring Solutions

Sensors for all applications


Vibration Monitoring


Tilt Sensors




Dynamic Monitoring Sensors

Smart Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor Surrounding Buildings to your work site

Monitoring Vibration, Tilt Change and Cracks on surrounding infrastructure 

Roads, Tunnels, Buildings, Water Pressure & More

Utilizing our monitoring system and our range of sensors you will be able to monitor structural and Geotechnical changes. 

1 Platform to view all collected data

Our Monitoring platform makes it easier than ever before to view all your collected data and provide to asset owners.

Smart Railway Monitoring

Monitor Track Condition

monitor the live track condition as trains pass over the tracks to determine track Cant,Twist & Vertical Settlement

Monitor the surrounding Geotechnical Elements

Being able to connect up 3rd party sensors you will also be able to monitor all the required geotechnical parameters to provide a complete monitoring solution. 

All in 1 Monitoring Platform

Unlike other rail monitoring systems on the market, the Move Solutions system is able to house all sensors & 3rd party sensors data in 1 easy to use monitoring platform. 

Smart Bridge Monitoring 

Complete Bridge Analysis

Gather all the bridge data you can think of. Monitor the complete health picture of your structure. 

Modal Frequencies & API Development

Our monitoring platform comes with all of Move Solutions API’s and Developments giving you the best monitoring platform on the market.

1 Platform cost no addons

Monitoring your Bridge structure has never been easier and in the 1 monitoring platform with 1 cost and no hidden surprises makes budgeting easier than ever before. 

Smart Construction Site Monitoring 

Monitor your Vibration Levels on site

Ensure you are staying below vibrational threshold levels preventing cracking. 

Retaining walls, Buildings & Other structures

No matter what your project is we can monitor it and gather your health information. 

Monitor all your aspects of deformation

Using Move Sensors & 3rd party sensors you can gather all your data in 1 place and provide a construction site report easier than ever before

What Structures Can We Monitor

Widest Range Of Sensors

Cody Corporation has the biggest range of sensors on the market. Monitor every aspect of your assets health easily.

Easy To Use Platform

The Move Solutions monitoring platform is the easiest to use and most intuative platform on the market.

Get The Right Solution

Our Monitoring experts will be able to provide the perfect solution for whatever structure you are looking to monitor.
Tilt Sensors
Affordable & Reliable
Fast & Accurate
DECK Sensor

Affordable & Reliable

Move Solutions has the most rugged and reliable Tilt Sensor on the market. Easy to install and easy to use.

Fast & Accurate

Get readings in real time faster than ever before to the highest degree of accuracy.


The only wireless Vibrometer on the market


monitor Dynamic deflection of bridges and influx objects in mm displacement

Additional Information

It doesnt matter how big your asset is or how old, Cody Corporation has the right solution of Structural Health Monitoring sensors and solutions to provide you with a complete diagnostic of your structures live health status.

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