Welcoming the Trotec range..

By accentu8

The team at Cody are very pleased to welcome the Trotec range to the product portfolio.


Trotec has long held a reputation for the production of high quality professional precision measuring instruments including moisture meters, climatic sensors, thermohygrometers, video inspectors and more.  Trotec, based in Germany, consists of a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians & engineers, and utilises this strong history in the provision of instruments that are quickly becoming field-leaders world-wide.


Trotec T650


The Trotec T650 Material Moisture Meter is a clear example of this quality in action – this handheld instrument enables the fast, non-destructive determination of moisture content distributions in areas up to a depth of 4 cm from the surface.   The T650 is impressive in terms of its digital precision without the disadvantage of drift in measured values exhibited by comparable analogue instruments. Damp and dry wall and floor areas can be detected by permanent real time display of the measured values. In addition, the device is suitable for preliminary inspection of the maturity of building materials in CM measurements.  For an immediate evaluation of the measured data, minimum, maximum and average functions are available. In addition the current measured value can be retained by means of the hold function. Since the instrument’s screen can display two values, for purposes of results evaluation a function value can be displayed at the same time as the current measured value if required.


Please review the T650 capabilities and the entire Trotec range by clicking HERE.


The Trotec range is currently in stock at Cody, with support & service staff well versed in the support of all instruments in the range.  Please contact us with any questions or to find your nearest local dealer.

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