Z-BLADE: The Ultimate GNSS Technology

By accentu8

Z-Blade products help to keep surveyors working in challenging environments, and minimize the locations where it’s necessary to employ alternative surveying tools (for example, optical instruments). This unique technology enables surveyors to increase their accuracy, efficiency and productivity, thus maximizing the value of their GNSS equipment investment. As of today, Z-Blade technology is embedded in the following Spectra Precision products: SP80, SP60, ProMark 220, ProMark 120, ProFlex800

The Z-Blade GNSS-centric technology brings a number of important advantages to land surveyors.

– Position computation in harsh, obstructed environments where satellite visibility is poor

– Position computation even in the presence of GPS L1/L2 in-band jamming

– GLONASS-only mode, Beidou-only or Galileo-only modes for specific applications

– Fast and robust RTK fixes even on long-range baselines including VRS, MAC and FKP networks

– Optimal operation with 3rd party base stations

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