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FieldGenius is a popular Field Survey Software app built for Windows and Android Tablets, Computers and devices.

This article aims to have all the required training videos available for customers to be able to reference when looking to do different applications within FieldGenius.

Start New project

This video aims to breakdown the starting of a new project using FieldGenius.

Storing Points & Linework in FieldGenius

How to store points and line work in FieldGenius using a GNSS Receiver.

GPS Offset

How to use the GPS offset measurement mode in FieldGenius

Point Averaging

This video enables you to take multiple redundant measurements and allows you to summarise them.

Configure GPS Rover

This video aims to go over the configuration of GPS rovers to a radio RTK Link

Configure GPS Base

This video goes over setting up a GNSS Base upon startup of FieldGenius

Configure Data


This video aims to step by step setup the Data Collector via the internet connection method.

GNSS Localization Part 1

This video will go over the process of storing 2 points to setup your site localization.

GNSS Localization Part 2

This video will complete the process of setting up your site localization.

Local Transformation to

Point Day 1

This video will go over the procedure for local transformation to point for work day 1.

Local Transformation to

Point Day 2

This video will go over the procedure for local transformation to point Day 2.

Average Geodetic Day 1

This video will walk you through the process of setting up an Average Geodetic for work day 1.

Known Geodetic Method

This video will go over the purpose of the known geodetic method for configuring your base.

How To Use

Tolerance Modes

This video will go over the ability to use tolerance modes as a way of taking control of the quality and the speed to collect GPS Measurements. 

Helmert Transformation

This video will go through the process of entering a 7 parameter helmert transformation for application to all of your GPS measured points. 

Example of a User Defined Coordinate System

This video do an example of a user defined coordinate system which will allow you to collect points in an existing coordinate system using a GPs and FieldGenius. 

Electronic Bubble Support

This video will explain how to check for current level position, allows for rough compass direction, prevent from storing out of level positions and more.  

Importing Localization


This video will explain how to import localization parameters from a previous Fieldgenius or from a Carlson Surv CE Project.

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