Apache CB26 Blade Control System

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Affordable Automatic Blade Control

Increase Productivity and Accuracy

Patented Proportional Technology



Affordable Automatic Blade Control

Increase Productivity and Accuracy

Patented Proportional Technology

Tornado F1 Blade Control is a single control system that allows operators to automatically maintain the lift function of their machine’s blade. It is an ideal solution for applications such as house pads or sports fields.

With the TORNADO line of laser machine control products, the price of automatic blade control is now more affordable than ever.

TORNADO Blade Control is used on construction grading machinery to automatically control the blade in earthmoving and grading applications. It is also used on agricultural land levelling and farm drainage machinery. A BULLSEYE laser receiver is mounted above the cutting edge of the blade. A control box and a hydraulic installation kit are tied into the machines hydraulic system. Grade information from a rotating laser is processed and automatically directs the machines hydraulics to maintain the elevation of the blade.


Automatic Blade Control keeps your machines moving and operating at maximum speed. Save time, save fuel, save material, save labour – on every grading job.


System accuracy, while maintaining high operating speeds, is crucial on your job-site. Proportional receivers and proportional hydraulic valves assure maximum system accuracy and smooth, precise operation.


Switch from automatic to manual control with the quick flick of one switch. Adjust system accuracy settings and hydraulic blade speed from the cab mounted control box. Dynamic blade balancing is set during installation for smooth raise and lower response.


A selection of BULLSEYE receivers can be used for automatic machine control on grading equipment and easily moved to excavators or backhoes for digging depth indication for excavation.


Proven Apache quality and durability are built in. Receivers are waterproof and designed to stand up to tough construction and outdoor environments. Durable polycarbonate and aluminium die cast housings provide a robust exterior and internal isolating shock mounts protect the electronics.


Apache CB26 Control Box – The Proportional Control Advantage

The Apache CB26 Control Box has 16 on-grade accuracy settings from 0 to 38 mm. It features simple controls for quick set-ups and operation. The F1 cab mounted control box works with Proportional Time (PT), Proportional Current (PC), and Proportional Voltage (PV) valves.

Proportional receivers direct the machine’s hydraulics to correct the blade “in proportion to” the distance the blade is from on-grade. Apache’s patented proportional photocells provide precise beam positioning data. Coupled with the ultra fast signal processing found in both our single and dual systems, the Tornado F1 or F2 give you the smoothest blade response and highest accuracy available.

Control Box Specifications*

  • Accuracy Settings: 0 – 38 mm (with BE3+ 0 – 25 mm)
  • On-Grade LEDs: Green
  • High / Low LEDs: Red
  • Operating Voltage: 10 to 30 Volts DC,
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Electrical Connection Standard military type
  • Valve Compatibility Proportional Time (On/Off), Proportional Current, Proportional Voltage (Dan Foss / John Deere SCV)
  • Maximum Current 5 Amps per driver
  • Weight 2.25 kg
  • Dimensions 178 x 134 x 120 mm

*Specifications subject to change without notice

Bullseye Laser Receivers

BULLSEYE receivers work with all rotating lasers and feature:

360 Degree of proportional reception for quick set-up and continuous reception.
Tough waterproof construction withstands harsh conditions.
Super bright LED’s for high visibility in bright light.
Quick, secure mounting, easy to move to different machinery.

BULLSEYE Models 5+ and 6 have additional features when used as indicate systems, specifically for use in excavating systems.


A telescoping mast can be used for mounting the receivers on bulldozers and other implements. The mast allows the receiver to be positioned above the machinery for unobstructed laser reception. The mast has a 4-foot (1.2 m) telescoping adjustment range with an English/Metric scale for positioning at known elevations. Built-in shock mounts on all four sides provide excellent damping of the laser receiver in rough ope-rating conditions. Several electronic mast options are available also for larger machines that require large offsets.

Manual Mast Specifications*

  • Height Retracted 192 cm
  • Extension Length 122 cm
  • Tape Increments 1 mm
  • Weight 23.6 kg

Hydraulics & Cabling

Complete hydraulic and electric kits are available for installation on different types, brands, and sizes of machinery. Kits for popular models of machinery are readily available and more are continually being added. The installation kits typically contain all the hydraulic valves, valve brackets, hydraulic hoses, fittings, and electric cables necessary for automatic control of a specific machine. Coiled and Straight Receiver Cables Available.

A selection of remote switches are available to put an array of features at the operator’s lever for quick access. Single and dual multi-switch configurations are available for the CB52. Simple Auto/Manual toggle controls are available for the Apache CB24+ and Apache CB26.

Power cables, valve cables and straight receiver cables are stocked in 5 foot increments, while coiled receiver cables are a pre-cut length. Other lengths are available, but will require additional production time. Additional cable configurations are available for special applications. Please consult us for special needs, pricing, or questions.

Apache Technologies, Inc. is the worlds largest manufacturer of laser detectors for construction and agriculture. This position of leadership was earned by developing leading edge, proprietary and patented laser detection technologies. Apache also manufactures a complete line of handheld laser detectors. These technologies are employed in all of Apaches handheld detectors and machine control receivers.

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