Bear Digital Dual Axis Inclinometer (Tilt Sensor)

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Bear Digital Dual Axis Inclinometer

The Bear Digital Dual Axis Inclinometer is made for Earthmoving – Mining – Barges – Piling – Cranes – Farming – Civil Construction
Slope & Level Alarm System
Industrial, mining, civil, defense, transport and machinery hire industries continue to battle with safety, not only for the operators of their equipment but also their machinery.
A dual axis inclinometer or dual axis slope indicator will assist to help protect both people and equipment.
Complete with:
1 x I-RIO-SCA126T-485      Dual Axis Inclinometer Sensor & Cable
                                              Range +/-90 Degrees
                                              Accuracy 0.1 Degrees
                                              RS485 Interface
                                              15m Cable
1 x I-RIO-SMI600                Digital Dual Axis Inclinometer Display
                                              Power Button
                                              Zero Button
                                              DC-9V-36V Power
                                              5m Power Cable
  • 9V to 36V supply voltage
  • Adjustable industrial mount
  • Highly visible pitch and roll readout
  • Graphical mode
  • Configurable numeric or graphical display
  • Remote Sensor
  • Adjustable backlight
  • Integrated user interface for customisation
  • One degree accurate, variable frequency response sensors
  • Highly configurable warning and alarm functions
  • Integrated warning and alarm relays
  • Integrated buzzer
Input voltage:
Power consumption:
Warning relay output:
Alarm relay output:
Maximum tilt:
Refresh rate:
Frequency response:
Communications protocol:
Minimum 9V; maximum 36V
2W (165mA @ 12V) – includes dual axis tilt sensor
Normally open or normally closed, 36V max, 1A max, internally fused
Normally open or normally closed, 36V max, 1A max, internally fused
-90 to 90°, recommended use -60 to 60°
1° from 0 to 30°, 2° from 30-60°
10 updates per second
10Hz to 0.1Hz, user settable
Enhanced RS485 differential, will operate with one broken connection

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