Height Limiter PME100 System

Need to avoid overhead structures?

Avoid bridges, signs, power lines or any other overhead structures in your next project with PME100. Simple to set-up and use, the system allows operators to set height limits with superior accuracy. Restricting movement when limits are reached, PME100 prevents collisions with overhead infrastructure to help you complete projects safely and to budget.

Download Brochure Here: Prolec_PME100_spec_sheet

What is a height limiter?

Height limiter systems are fitted to excavators to monitor the machine’s position in relation to pre-set height limits, warning operators when these are approached and improving worksite safety. This helps prevent collisions with overhead hazards such as bridges, signs and power lines, protecting operators and critical infrastructure from the risks of construction. To maximise safety, select systems such as the PME range will also restrict movement if limits are reached.

Why do I need a height limiter?

You need a height limiter to protect excavators, operators and assets from overhead hazards. From civil to rail, major construction sites increasingly require excavators to be fitted with an approved system. Using a height limiter demonstrates a standard of safety across your operations, opening the door to high-profile projects.

Height limiters can also secure your profits. Overhead collisions damage excavators, resulting in costly repairs and increased downtime. These also disrupt key rail and road networks, potentially incurring fines and reputation damage. Equipping excavators with a height limiter future proofs your operations, protecting your profits against unexpected incidents while helping to grant access to new opportunities.

For added safety, certain height limiters offer envelope control. This allows operators to set minimum and maximum radius limits, safeguarding their cab from the excavator’s boom and dipper.

What can I install it on?

Height limiters are designed to protect single, mono and triple boom excavators. There are also options available for backhoes and telehandlers.

Safe system use

It’s important that height limiters are used correctly to ensure safe excavator use across your operations. That’s why our PME range features a simple, icon-led display to allow operators to set limits easily and accurately. Read our PME Quick Start Guide to learn more.

Even so, training your operators to use height limiters effectively is always recommended to maximise safety and productivity.

Override key switch

There are times where height limiting systems need to be overridden to react to exceptional circumstances. In these situations, you can rest assured that all of our PME systems with motion cuts come with override key switches as standard.

Managing access to limits

As some sites are more hazardous than others, supervisors sometimes need to set safe working zones themselves. With our PME technology, supervisors and site managers can easily set and manage access to limits directly from the device.

Work safer

Protects operators from collisions with overhead hazards by limiting machine movement.

Save money

Mitigates the risk of collisions with critical infrastructure, protecting your profits.

Work smarter

Simple, icon-based display and quick set-up delivers hazard mitigation without the hassle.

Be future proof

Helps grow your business by avoiding costly incidents, while granting access to new projects.

Save time

Real-time height limiter improves productivity by minimising machine downtime.

Be compliant

Meets the latest regulatory standards for machine height limiting.


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