ProShot L4.7 Magnum Laser Level

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L4.7 Magnum fencing laser level is long range high accuracy automatic compensated laser. The L4.7 Magnum boasts the same features as the L4.7 but also includes plumb/squaring beam, long range diode and a larger carry case to hold the included vertical/wallmount.

The L4.7 Magnum is a Class 3 laser, made in California and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Product is now obsolete and no longer available

Proshot L4.7 Magnum Laser Level

Made in the USA, the L4.7 Magnum Laser Level forms part of Pro Shot’s ever popular L4.7 series laser levels.

It’s main functions include long range fencing/vineyards and large concrete levelling tasks.

A follow up to the highly successful L4+, the L4.7 Magnum laser level features the same highly visible multi-speed red laser beam. It can be used in rotating mode or slowed down and manually pointed in spot mode.

Builders, commercial contractors and concreters need to use and automatic compensated laser with accuracy of +/- 1.0mm to 1.6mm per 30m (7-10″ sec arc) paired with a high accuracy receiver. This is typically the accuracy you’ll achieve with a good calibrated dumpy level. The Pro Shot L4.7 Magnum has these high specifications and is one of the best built, best backed laser levels of its type available anywhere.

No other building laser has a higher accuracy than the L4.7 models. The standard construction package includes the WM1 laydown mount, which can also be used internally to attach the laser to suspended ceiling tracks.

The optional P1 plumb plate allows the laser to be positioned on the floor over a specific point, and then the L4.7 Magnum will plumb that point to the ceiling.

L4.7 Magnum Laser Level Product Features

  • – High accuracy ±1mm @ 30m
  • – Visible multi-speed red laser beam for internal applications
  • – 3 year warranty
  • – Automatic pendulum horizontal self-levelling
  • – Manual vertical levelling
  • – In vertical mode, the laser can setout 90 degrees for profile and boxing squaring
  • – Manual grade override for slope matching
  • – Plumbs laser dot to the ceiling
  • – Laser can be manually pointed in dot mode
  • – Can be used for string line setout of foundations and profiles
  • – Alkaline, Solar or re-chargeable NiMH battery power options


±1mm per 30 metres
Wire-hung compensator
610m diameter
610m diameter
1000m+ diameter
60 hours
35 hours
4 x C size batteries
0 – 450 RPM
Laser, carry case, manual, alkaline batteries, aluminium vertical mount, 2 x reflective targets, Australian calibration certificate
3 years
Class 3R
1.86 Kg
Manual dual axis grade
Unlimited, Min. grade 0.35%


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