Latec LevelMaster I: LM1 Slope Indication System

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The most versatile, efficient and economical slope indicating system for the road-building, construction and drainage industries.

Latec LevelMaster I: LM1 Slope Indication System

The Latec LevelMaster I is the most versatile, efficient and economical slope indicating system for the road-building,construction and drainage industries.

Ideal for

  • Road graders
  • Dozers
  • Scrapers
  • Drainage plows


LevelMaster displays and hydraulically controls the slope for graders, dozers, scrapers and even drainage plows. It can be easily moved from your drainage plow to your dozer or motor grader blade.


The LevelMaster system was designed for use on the jobsite. The connectors are weatherproof and both the display and sensor box enclosures are rugged and weatherproof.


For graders and dozers, the LevelMaster monitors blade cross axis slope when grading roads, shoulders and embankments ensuring more accurate grade control.


  • Grading embankments
  • Laying drainage tile
  • Grading shoulders
  • Grading roads

Model Comparision

LM1 = LevelMaster I
LM2-CM = LevelMaster II for general construction
LM2-D = LevelMaster II for drainage plows





Easy to read Yes Yes Yes
LCD display for easy setup and offset input  No Yes Yes
Indicates grade +3% to -3% @ 0.05% steps Yes Yes Yes
Control grade +3% to -3% @ 0.10% steps No No Yes
Control grade +25% to -25% @ 0.10% steps No Yes No
Rugged weatherproof enclosures Yes Yes Yes
Weather proof connectors Yes Yes Yes
Software adjustable sensor filtering & valve gains No Yes Yes
12/24vPT, PWM and Danfoss variable flow rate hydraulic output No Yes Yes
Sensor box has electrolytic gravity sensors Yes Yes Yes
12v or 24vdc power operation Yes Yes Yes
Calibration mount included Yes Yes Yes

LevelMaster for Drainage Plows (LM1 or LM2-D)

Most drainage plow operators are right on target when it comes to grade control, but they’re flying blind when it comes to plow orientation in the ground. The LevelMaster (LM1 & LM2-D) slope indicating system will keep you informed about your drainage plow’s orientation and the LM2-D allows you to control the plow orientation in the ground.

LevelMaster for Graders & Dozers (LM1 or LM2-CM)

Using the traditional slope meter (level vial) you only know the grade that the machine has finished driving over. With the new LM2-C you know the actual slope or grade right on the blade as you are cutting and finishing.

Auto Display intensity

An indicator is no good if you can’t see it, right? You’ll see this one even in direct sunlight. Our indicator also automatically adjusts to a “moon glow” setting when operating in the dark. LevelMaster’s auto display was developed for all lighting conditions.


Need to use it on several different machines? LevelMaster works on anything from 8 to 35 volts DC. These days, you need to maintain your competitive and technological edge, and the LevelMaster can help.

How It Works

  • Level the sensor to your blade
  • Dial the desired slope (e.g. 3.0%) into the control box
  • Simply follow the LED lights to your desired slope or in automatic mode, the LevelMaster controls the slope for you
  • Green light on display = desired slope.


  • Control box
  • Sensor
  • Mounting hardware
  • 5.4m power cable
  • 9.1m sensor cable
  • Installation instructions
  • Manual


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