MOBA 3D MCA 3000 Compactor System


Moba 3D MCA 3000

The Moba 3D MCA 3000 add-on system allows you to compact roads and building sites at the highest level anytime. Thanks to intelligent temperature, crossing, frequency and amplitude measurement you always achieve the perfect compaction – efficiently and to the point. As a proof of quality all compaction data is also summarised and retrievable from a web server on demand at any time.

Optimum compaction in earthworks and asphalt paving


Through the optimal interaction between acceleration sensor, temperature sensor and GNSS antenna the MCA-3000 achieves compaction results at the highest level. With our high-end operand, the entire process is also visualised, thereby helping you to keep control of current asphalt temperature, the compaction target value and the number of crossings at all times. Thanks to an unproblematic display of measurements, the proper interpretation of the measured values are learnt intuitively and quickly.

  • FLEET MANAGEMENT – Thanks to its innovative fleet management the crossings of different rolls are synchronised with each other, so that each passage is optimally compacted. Thus, large projects are implemented in the shortest possible time and extremely cost-effectively.
  • EASY TO OPERATE – Thanks to an unproblematic display of measurements, the proper interpretation of the measured values are learnt intuitively and quickly.
  • LIVE UPLOAD  -Cloud solution for simple data handling and open interfaces for providers of logistics and optimisation solutions.



The Moba 3D MCA 3000 is an add-on roller system for optimum compaction in earthworks as well as asphalt paving on tandem rollers and single-drum compactors. The compaction system enables efficient roller use and supports the driver by visualising all important compaction information on the colour display.

The compaction parameters are coming with the positioning data of the GNSS system. With the information on the display, the driver can identify areas that have been sufficiently compacted and areas where passes are still necessary. The material can be uniformly and optimally compacted  with the quality of work and structure, improved.

The compaction data is then available as verification of quality and for tracking the course of the project. As a special feature for asphalt paving, the system also uses infrared sensors to record the temperature of the road surface, visualising it on the display.

Thus, the driver always knows where the asphalt is at the optimum compaction temperature. This helps to avoid compacting asphalt that is too hot or too cold. Factors that frequently lead to road damages or premature wear.


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