ProShot Alpha 1 Laser Level W/ ZRB35 Receiver

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This new premium product offers all of the features of the original Alpha but with the convenience of CLASS I laser specification, allowing hassle free operation on today’s “laser safe” construction sites. Made in California, it comes with a 2 year warranty.


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The Pro Shot Alpha 1 Laser Level is a compact and robust construction grade automatic level with class leading features. Designed and manufactured in California, the Pro Shot Alpha construction laser is designed for earth-movers, concreters and general contractors that require a reliable and accurate laser to meet their needs year after year.

The Pro Shot Alpha 1 Laser level features electronic self-levelling with no foot screws for quick and precise automatic levelling. The Alpha also has the added functionality of a manual grade, which is controlled by up and down arrows on the keypad. Unlike other lasers that have a grade override function, the Alpha can be precisely aligned to match slopes – even at longer distances. While operating in grade mode, the Pro Shot Alpha 1 self-levels in the cross axis and the height alert is active to ensure quality results. This laser surpasses most of its competitors.

The Pro Shot Alpha is made in California, USA and comes with a 2 year warranty.


·Site friendly CLASS I laser classification

·Automatic horizontal levelling – with precise motor-driven self-levelling servos (± 5 degrees)

·Grade – has manual grade override with keypad control

·Height alert – can be disabled

·Slope matching X-axis only – 10%

·Robust laser built to survive the job-site and withstand the harshest of conditions

Proshot Alpha 1 Laser Level Key Features

Feature Alpha 1 Competition (Leica, Topcon, Spectra)
Site Safe No OH&S requirements OH&S Required, Class III not allowed on some sites
Class Class I Class II / Class III
Accuracy ±1.5mm ±1.5mm ±2.2mm
Runtime 115 hours 60-100 Hours
Operating Temp. -20 TO +60 deg -10 to +50 deg C
RPM 600 + 1200

Machine control compatible

Rechargeable Free Between $150 to $250
Made in California, USA Asia

Alpha 1 Laser Level – a class of its own

With a Class 1 laser classification, Safework Australia deems the Pro Shot Alpha 1 to be safe for use under all conditions of exposure. That makes it the only laser in its class that can be used on any site in Australia without the need for a safety officer, signage or laser operator training. Larger civil companies have increasingly strict site safety requirements, having a hassle free Class I laser onsite could mean the difference between continuing your work and being kicked off site – saving you time and money!

Classification Description For use in building and construction industry?
Summary of the Australian Standard 2397:1993 – Safe use of lasers in the building and construction industry
Class 1 Safe for use under all conditions of exposure. Yes
Class 2 Low-powered lasers that may require some administrative controls but present little hazard (for example, eye protection is usually provided by normal blink and aversion responses). Yes, but with Administrative Controls
Class 3A These lasers emit higher levels of light and their use requires more stringent engineering and administrative precautions in order to ensure they are not used with optical instruments (for example, a builder’s level or theodolite) which would concentrate the beam so that it would all enter the eye. Yes, but with Administrative Controls and Precautions
Class 3R These lasers operate at the same power levels as Class 3A but have higher levels of irradiance (power density). These lasers can be used for building or construction applications but should not be used in dimly lit building or construction applications (that is less than approximately 100 lux). Yes, but with Administrative Precautions
Class 3B These lasers emit either invisible or visible radiation potentially hazardous to the eye and skin. These lasers must not be used for building or construction tasks. No
Class 4 These lasers are high-power devices capable of producing diffuse reflections hazardous to the eye. Skin exposure to the direct beam of a Class 4 laser is also hazardous. These lasers must not be used for building or construction tasks. No

Proshot Alpha 1 Laser Level Specifications

±1mm per 30 metres
Wire-hung compensator
500m diameter
600m diameter
600m+ diameter
115 hours
65 hours
4 x C size batteries
600, 1200 RPM
Laser, carry case, manual, alkaline batteries, Australian calibration certificate
2 years
Class I
1.8 kg
Manual single axis grade
10% slope matching other axis self levels

A tool for life – designed and manufactured in California

Each Pro Shot Alpha is hand manufactured and tested at Laser Reference in California, USA. Unlike rival brands, Pro Shot lasers have low ongoing maintenance and repair costs – authorised repair centres still repair and stock parts for units well over 15 years old. Uneconomical write-offs are an uncommon occurrence with Pro Shot Lasers. Reasonable parts pricing and warranties mean your Pro Shot laser will be your onsite companion for many years into the future. With authorised Australian dealers and repair centres in every state and capital city, you’ll never be short of support for your Pro Shot.


Fully self-levelling – even in slope mode

For grading applications such as driveways, drainage and carparks, the Alpha can be driven to match any slope up to ±8%. Unlike other lasers, once a grade has been set the Alpha’s self-levelling function is still operating. If the laser is knocked, or temperature/vibration has caused a height variation, the laser is still able to compensate.

Laser level Grade single dual slope

Machine control compatible

For laser guided machine control applications the Alpha’s got you covered. A high speed 1200RPM mode has been built in that will give you twice as many laser strikes per second than other lasers in this class. What does this mean for the operator? Smoother control and higher accuracy.


Excellent power efficiency

With 115 operating hours, the Alpha 1 has one the longest operating times in the market. This laser will give you over a month of operation using just a single set of batteries.

Tailored kits to suit your application

We understand that no two contractors are the same, so we’ve tailored kits to suit earthmovers, concreters, general builders – and even billiard table installers! The choice of receivers ranges from simple up and down and on-grade lights to millimetre readouts. Got an excavator, bobcat or dozer? We can package the Alpha with a range of machine display receivers – from display only systems for fast trenching up to fully automated dual hydraulic control systems. Call us to find out what’s on offer for your industry.

Pick the right Pro Shot for your application

Laser Reference manufactures a range of different rotary lasers tailored to suit different applications. From simple laser levelling to complex cone grades, Pro Shot has a laser to suit your job. The table below outlines the key features of each model. Feel free to contact us if you’d like our recommendation on which model would best suit your needs.

Pro Shot Model Summary

Model Laser Class Accuracy* Primary Feature
* Stated as ± millimetre deviation per 30 metres
Alpha 1 Class I 1.5mm Unrestricted site safe laser class
Alpha XD Class IIIR 1.5mm 700m+ long range
Alpha C Class IIIR 1.5mm Coning grade laser – ±4%
Alpha V Class IIIR 0.3mm High accuracy plummet laser
L4.7 Class II 1.0mm Highest stability and accuracy
L4.7M Class IIIR 1.0mm Long range (1.5km) fencing
AS2 Class II 2.0mm Single grade
AS2M Class IIIR 1.0mm Long range, compound grade




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