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Automatic Machine Control Systems

Topcon’s revolutionary System Five gives you the advanced automatic machine control technology needed for a competitive edge in today’s market.

System Five is a complete machine control package including our advanced single, dual, or 3D control box, each with an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn operator interface. In addition, the System Five hydraulics provide the world’s smoothest, most consistent response; and its slope sensor allows the world’s highest slope capabilities (up to 100%) for precise material control on every job. You can even customize System Five with Topcon’s complete line of optional equipment including lasers and receivers for a variety of needs. And it’s easy to upgrade your existing controls to System Five, so you can benefit from its state-of-the-art technology in no time!

Only System Five provides increased accuracy and reliability for higher productivity and less waste. For contractors seeking a competitive edge, look no further than Topcon System Five!

System Five Features:

  • Easily upgradable from System Four or System Four Plus.
  • World’s most advanced graphical display Control Box.
  • World’s best remote switch operation.
  • World’s smoothest, most consistent hydraulic response.
  • World’s highest slope capabilities (up to 100%).

Simple Operation Means Decreased Training:

Operators don’t want a system that’s hard to learn or a hassle to use. That’s why each of Topcon’s System Five control boxes feature an easy-to-use interface for superior machine control with less effort.

Each System Five control box features a large, bright LCD screen with intuitive controls so that even novice operators can work like experts. And real-time display of grade lets you work from existing grade, sonic stringline, laser or cross slope with incredible responsiveness and accuracy.

And, best of all, every System Five control box is laptop programmable so you can update or revise the software in the field. High-performance machine control doesn’t get any easier than Topcon System Five!

Advanced Technology Yields Higher Productivity and Less Waste:

System Five also features a host of innovative Topcon technologies to help your production rates soar. It puts operation at your fingertips with remote “Smart” Switches for convenient multi-function control. The durable 100% capable slope sensor is four times more slope capable than the competition, and it’s level vial provides a better response than ever. High resolution Sonic Tracker IIsâ„¢ provide accurate tracking from virtually any reference. Even the hydraulic valve is improved with a high flow hydraulic rate that allows a fast, precise response to even the smallest grade corrections. Automatic control doesn’t get any better than this!

System Five: Ready for the Future:

Whether working on flat or sloped pads, roads, or airports, System Five gives you the tightest material control for reduced grade costs and improved productivity. But what you might not know is that System Five is also fully compatible with Topcon’s 3-Dimensional Machine Control systems. And upgrading to 3D-GPS or 3D-LPS is easy. The System Five 3D control box makes the transition smooth with intuitive touch screen operation and Windows® based simplicity. Using System Five and 3D-MC, your business will be ready today for the future of machine control.

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