Topcon 3Di-GPS Indicate Control

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  •     Simple, color coded “scrolling tape” cut/fill indicator provides instant grade info
  •     On-grade dead band and scale adjusts to match job tolerances
  •     Remote color selectable light bars for grade indication
  •     Multiple job views: plan, profile, cross sections


  •     Increase productivity significantly
  •     Low initial investment – easy upgrade path to fully automatic GPS+ system.
  •     Easy to use software for all your operators
  •     Less rework: material is moved only once
  •     Reduce staking on jobsite almost entirely

3Di is a low cost indicate-only system ideal for bulk earthmoving machines such as dozers, scrapers and compactors. The color touch-screen control box displays where the machine is on the jobsite and cut or fill anywhere on the jobsite.


  •     Rugged color touch-screen control box displays blade position and distance to design
  •     Real-time cut/fill mapping – move material only once
  •     Backwards compatible with existing Topcon MC systems
  •     Enter off-sets easily for cutting sub-grade Benefits
  •     Increase grading productivity significantly
  •     Reduce staking on jobsite almost entirely
  •     Control materials to your advantage
  •     Complete projects on time or ahead of schedule

For road building, site work, contour grading, or any other complex surface grading requirements, Topcon’s 3D-GPS+ will put more money to your bottomline – where it counts.

With the reality of nearly eliminating grade stakes, providing unmatched material control capability, and the simplest user interface in the industry, you are sure to integrate Topcon 3D technology successfully into your business. We make sure the investment you make today will work for you in the future. Topcon’s building block design allows you to add new sensors or technologies to your system such as mmGPS and Networks as they become available without having to buy a whole new system

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