Topcon X63/X63i

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  •     Touch-screen control box displays real time bucket position
  •     Color coded Cut/Fill indicators for quick grade reference
  •     Operator selectable screen views: plan, profile, cross section and grade indicators
  •     X63 works in 3D and 2D mode – use in all jobsite applications
  •     Store up to six different bucket pre-sets
  •     Constant visibility of bucket orientationBenefits    Eliminate over excavation and costly material overruns
  •     Dramatically increase productivity
  •     Improve crew safety
  •     Components compatible with your other Topcon systems
  •     Underwater & blind excavation no longer a problem

For use on:    Excavators and Trenchers 3D Indicate Excavator Control Systems
3D Indicate Excavator Control SystemsIt’s time to experience GPS+ grade control on an excavator. Whether working in deep cuts, under water or on steep slopes, the X63 system will eliminate over-excavation and costly material overruns.

Excavating has never been easier or faster. The X63 uses 360° tilt sensors to track the position of the bucket, and our state of the art GPS+ technology to provide precise position information. Our bright, color touch-screen control box displays bucket position in real time, providing the operator complete control. Select a variety of screen views from plan, profile, cross section or our popular cut/fill “scrolling tape” indicator. And the X63 system eliminates the need for a grade checker to constantly monitor cuts, increasing both safety and productivity.The X63 can even keep your excavator productive when waiting for a 3D model or a change order to an existing one. Complex designs can be manually entered directly in the control box to allow complete flexibility in the field. Need to excavate utilities or footings Simply connect the LS-B10W laser receiver and set up one of your existing lasers and you now have a constant benchmark anywhere you move on the site!

Backwards Compatible / Completely Upgradeable

Only Topcon builds machine control for optimal compatibility and upgradeability. Your control box on one machine will plug directly into any other system you have installed, on any type or brand of machine. The same applies to most every other component in the Topcon system. If you want to move from an indicate system to full automatics, you can build upon existing components, saving you both money andtime. No other system allows this kind of flexibility.

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