TopDresser System

The most compact of all our systems the TopDresser System is a low horsepower alternative to our larger trailing graders whilst still maintaining accuracy.

With the sizes and options available in the TopDresser range, there’s sure to be one to suit your requirements.

Topdresser System Applications

  • Landscaping

  • Golf Tees

  • Tennis Courts

  • Bowling Greens

  • Cricket Wickets

  • Curb and Footpath Preparation


  • Solid Bucket Construction

  • Integrated Tie-down and Lifting Points

  • Mast and Mounting Bracket

  • Standard Cutting Edge


  • Machine Control Package

  • Hydraulic Control Valve

  • Tilt Module

  • Segmented Roller

  • Scarifier Bar

  • Power Pack

  • Powder-Coating Upgrade


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