RD8100 Underground Locators by RadioDetection

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RD8100 Underground Locators

RD8100 Underground Locators

When it comes to RD8100 Underground Locators and the funfamentals of underground locating there is a huge variety of Locators on the market but understanding what each one does and doesn’t do can be difficult. Trying to find the right unit for your requirements can be a chore and a difficult task.Previously in our article – Underground Service Locators, Which Locator Do You Need? We explained the basic differences between our line-up of Locators, trying to highlight which system does what and find which underground assets.

Here we are going to go into more depth about our RD8100 Range of Locators. Each Locator within the RD8100 has slightly different features and can offer you a variety of different tools to use when on site. Knowing what these features can achieve can very well determine which RD8100 Locator you purchase, so let’s get started.

RadioDetection’s RD8100 is their most advanced locator range available and builds upon RadioDetection’s 40 years of experience within the locator field to deliver the most optimized underground locators available. The RD8100 range is broken up into 6 different options, these are broken into 2 subcategories, GPS Enable Models and Non GPS Enabled Models. With utility infrastructures becoming more complex, locating professionals require more powerful and flexible tools.

One of the subcategories which is the Integrated GPS Modes enables the usage-logging options to automatically generate data for customer reports, or in-house quality and safety audits to promote best working practices.

Some other features available to selective models are the Current Direction option and iLOC which combined with the versatile Tx Transmitters deliver highly responsive underground locating even in tough conditions.

The RD8100 as mentioned above has 6 different models available, each model has a GPS enabled version as well. Below we will break down the major differences between each model and provide a comprehensive graph detailing each difference.

RadioDetection RD8100PXL

RD8100PXL – The RD8100PXL is the entry point for the RD8100 range, It boasts the ability to be able to locate all underground services using correct locating methods but is missing certain elements compared to its RD8100 counterparts.

Some of the main points of the RD8100PXL are as follows:

  • 16 Locating Frequencies
  • 2 Passive Modes
  • No Current direction
  • No Fault Find
  • No Depth in Power
  • No Passive Avoidance

As you can see the RD8100PXl is a basic all-round underground locator. If your aim is to just determine if there is any underground service located within a specific area, then the RD8100PXL will be able to do this. As mentioned previously the RD8100PXl is also available in a GPS enabled version which allows you log your co-ordinates for underground services which has been located. But should you be looking to determine which direction, the depth or if there is a fault with one of the cables then you would need to upgrade to one of the other RD8100 models.

RadioDetection RD8100PDL

RD8100PDL – The RD8100PDL is the next step up the chain for the RD8100 range, the main differences the RD8100PDL offers are as follows:

  • 21 Locating Frequencies
  • 5 Passive Modes
  • Current Direction
  • Fault Find
  • Depth in power
  • Passive Avoidance

The RD8100PDL is quite literally the upgrade on the PXL you may require. Should you be looking to know the direction the asset is going in, the current depth of said asset or even if it has a fault in the cable the RD8100PDL is able to provide all of these features. Again the RD8100PDL is also available with the GPS mode enabled which allows you to accurately log underground services to be placed on detailed surveying maps for other contractors to avoid rather than just relying on paint marks or indicators on the ground.

RadioDetection RD8100PTL

RD8100PTL – Finally the top end of the RD8100 line-up is the RD8100PTL, this system unlocks the full potential of the RD8100 range of underground locators.

  • 24 Locating Frequencies
  • 5 Passive Modes
  • Current Direction
  • Fault Find
  • Depth in power
  • Passive Avoidance

The only real change from the RD8100PDl to the RD8100PTL is the increase in active Locating frequencies from 21 – 24. Depending on your application and the difficulty of the underground assets you are trying to locate may determine whether or not the RD8100PTL is the system you require or not. If you are looking for the best underground locator on the market, then look no further than the RD8100PTL. Again, there is the option to have the GPS logging enabled unit for the RD8100PTL. For an underground service locator which is looking to be able to offer their clients the full package of service locating and GPS logging then the RD8100PTLG is the ultimate underground service locator on the market.

Locate Frequencies 16 16 17 21 21 18 18 24 24 25
Active Locate Mode 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
RF Utility Marker Frequencies 9 9 9 9
Combined Locate modes Yes Yes Yes
Sonde Frequencies 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Passive Modes 2 2 3 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
On-Board GPS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Filters Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Usage Logging Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CALSafe Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 kHz Yes Yes Yes 4K + CD 4K + CD 4K + CD 4K + CD 4K + CD 4K + CD 4K + CD
Current Direction Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fault Find Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Depth in Power Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Passive Avoidance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
iLOC / RD Map Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lithium-Ion Battery Optional Optional Yes Optional Optional Yes Yes Optional Optional Yes
3 Year Warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


RadioDetection Transmitters

The final thing to touch upon when it comes to determining which RD8100 underground service locator you require is what transmitter you require.

Most of the time the TX-5 transmitter is suitable for most applications but if you are wanting to take advantage of the Current Direction option of the RD8100PDL & RD810PTL then you will require the TX-10 Transmitter.

Below is the breakdown of the differences between each transmitter which will enable you to determine the complete kit you may require.

Transmitters Tx-1 Tx-5 Tx-5B Tx-10 Tx-10B
Max. Output Power 1W 5W 5W 10W 10W
Active Frequencies 16 16 16 16 36
Induction Frequencies 8 8 8 8 8
Current Direction Frequencies 0 0 0


iLOC Remote Control No No Yes No Yes
Fault Find No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Relative Induction Field Strength 0.7 0.85 0.85 1 1
Eco mode No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lithium-Ion Battery Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Year Warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


We hope this article aids in helping you make the right decision about which RD8100 Underground Locator you require to offer your clients the full service when on site.

Should you have any remaining questions about any of the RD8100 Underground Locators or wish to go ahead with getting a quote for a system please contact us, we would love to help you in making your decision.



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