Underground Service Locators

Which locator do you need?

Whether you are looking to locate Underground Gas Pipes, Water Pipes, Telecommunication Lines or Power Lines we have Underground Service Locators for all applications. Read on to learn which locator serves which industry best.

Fundamentals of Service Locating

When it comes to underground service locating there are a variety of different service locators on the market today and deciding which one is the correct one for your needs can be extremely difficult. 

Here at Cody Corporation we aim to make these difficult decisions easier by highlighting the applications of specific products to better enable you to find the right answers.

Underground Services

Which Asset are you looking to locate?

Gas Pipes

The most commonly hit asset on this list. Click below to find the locators needed for this job.

NBN & Phone Cables

A very specialised asset. Click below to find the locators needed for this job.

Power & Radio Cables

The most confusing to trace assets. Click below to find the locators needed for this job.

Water Pipes

The most difficult to trace asset are water pipes. Click below to find the locators needed for this job.

All Services

A locator to trace all the previosuly mentioned assets. Click below to find the locators needed for this job.

Locate Gas Pipes

Avoid Damaging Underground Gas Pipes

RD5100 Underground Service Locators

When it comes to locating Underground Gas Services there are 2 types of pipes that are mainly used from the Gas Industry. PE Gas Pipes and Cast Iron Gas Pipes. Locating cast iron pipes is quite easy and results in clear mapping. PE Gas Pipes on the other hand is a more difficult task. The Gas Industry uses PE Pipes more frequently and are fitted with a trace wire, so digging a test hole and connecting onto this trace wire will yield the best results.

RD5100 Locator Range

Different Gas Pipes 

PE Gas Pipe With Trace Wire

When looking to trace PE Gas Pipes with trace Wires

The RD5100H20 is the Locator of choice.

Cast Iron Gas Pipe

When looking to trace Cast Iron Gas Pipes

The RD5100S is the locator of choice.

NBN & Telecom Cables

Avoid Damaging Underground Telecom Cables

RD7200 Underground Locator

The RD7200 is the newest remodel of the Radiodetection lineup of Locators. Combining all the previous generation RD7100 locators into 1 unit makes the RD7200 the perfect unit for all locating tasks. Being able to locate the higher frequencies of high impedance cables amongst large bundled pairs and sonde frequencies for duct and conduit tracing makes the RD7200 the best locator for this task. The RD7200 also has a cable fault finding capability which allows you to trace faults within 10cm accuracy using 8KHz Fault Find Mode using the Radiodetection A-Frame

RD7100 Locators

Cables Able To Be Located

Telecommunication Cables

The RD7100TL is designed to locate, trace and fault find all cables within the telecommunication & NBN Industries. 

NBN Cables

The RD7100TL is designed to locate, trace and fault find all cables within the telecommunication & NBN Industries. 

Power & Radio Cables

Avoid Damaging Underground Power Cables

RD7200 Underground Locator

With the redesigned look of the RD7200 it means this unit is capable of use in dense infrastructures where signals from high voltage equipment and cables can be confusing or overwhelming. The RD7200 comes with the added feature of Dynamic Overload Protection which reduces the effect of interference, while Power Filters can be used to establish if a large power signal comes from one source or from the presence of multiple cables.

RD7100 Locators

RD7100TL Additional Features

Power Filter

RD7100TL has the added Power Filter Feature making it easier to trace a single cable amongst a cluster.


Fault Finding Ability

Being able to locate a sheath fault within 10cm accuracy makes the RD7100TL and A-Frame a very useful tool. 


Depth In Power

Being able to determine accurately the depth of the located cable allows for safe excavations to occur. 

Water Pipes

Avoid Damaging Underground Water Pipes

RD5100H20+ Underground Locator

A precision locating kit offering a suite of active, passive and sonde frequencies specifically targeting the needs of Water Industry users. Guidance mode helps you trace your target with user-friendly visual and audio guides, while iLOC allows you to control the transmitter remotely using the locator.

Underground Poly Pipe Locator

RD500 Poly Pipe Locator

The RD500 is an effective instrument for locating and tracing buried plastic and/or concrete water pipes. The RD500 traces plastic water pipes over distances up to 150 metres from the point of application of a Pulse Transmitter. The unit is low cost, quick and easy to use. Operators can learn to locate and trace water pipes with the RD500 in just a few minutes.

    Locate Ceramic Water Pipes

    Using the RD5100H20+ Underground Service Locators you will be able to successfully locate Ceramic Water Pipes. 

    Locate Poly Water pipes

    Using the RD500 Underground Service Locators you will be able to successfully locate Poly Water Pipes. 

    All Underground Services

    Underground Service Locators To Find All Assets

    RD8200 Underground Service Locators

    RD8200 cable locator is engineered to deliver high precision for damage prevention when locating buried cables and pipes. This advanced range of underground utility locators offers optional integrated GPS and usage logging, and is backed with a 3‑year warranty. 

    RD8200 is our most advanced High precision locator on the market. Combined last generations complete range of RD8100 Locators into 2 units either the standard RD8200 or the RD8200G which allows you to GPS map your location work.

    This makes the RD8200 the most streamlined and most easily utalised locator on the market. 

    Cable Avoidance

    C.A.T & Genny Range

    As an alternative to the above RD8100 Locating Range, The cost effective C.A.T & Genny Cable Avoidance Tools allows you to avoid damaging pipes, cables and other underground services. Although not as precise as the RD8100, the C.A.T Avoidance Range is very affordable for all construction industries looking to minimise their underground service damages.

    locating range

    RadioDetection Locators


    RD8200 Locator Range

    View our premium range of RD8200 Locators.

    C.A.T & Genny Range

    View our C.A.T Cable Avoidance Range below.


    RD7200 Locator Range

    View our premium range of RD7200 Locators.

    RD5100 Locator Range

    View our range of RD5100 Specialised Locators.

    RD500 Poly Pipe Locator

    View our underground Water Poly Pipe Locator.

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