RD8200 – Radiodetection’s Newest Underground Locator

By Cody Corporation

RD8200 – Radiodetection’s Newest Underground Locator

New this year is Radio detections RD8200 Underground Locators. No longer does Radiodetection use multiple variants of their RD8100 line-up of locators which had minor differences in use, they have decided to condense all the different units into 2 units only. These units are as follows:

RD8200 – The RD8200 is the replacement for all of the old RD8100 model underground locators. It combines all the features the previous 3 models did but now included in 1 single unit. 22 Locate Frequencies, 4 Sonde Frequencies, 5 passive Modes, Power Filters, Current Directions, fault Find, Depth in Power and So much more. This makes the RD8200 the main choice when you are looking for an all round underground locator.

RD8200G -When it comes to the bigger brother of the RD8200 the only change that happens is the RD8200G allows for GPS Mapping with accuracy of 1 – 3 meters and Usage Logging ability. This enables you to map and log where you have been and submit to other parties our work for future prevention. This is a super handy feature to have for those jobs where you are working with Councils and Governments Departments.

Some of the features of both the RD8200 and RD8200G are as follows:

Speed, accuracy and reliable performance

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Sun light readable display, high performance audio system and vibration alerts for noisy environments
  • Sensitive and accurate signal processing for reliable results

Adaptable in challenging environments

  • Ideal for congested underground infrastructures
  • Rejects strong interfering signals
  • Identify target power cable in the presence of many


Technology driven best on-site practise

  • Encourage correct locator handling for improved detection
  • Monitor field operations through the automatic usage
    logging feature
  • Proof of work to differentiate your operations from your
    competition and add value to your clients


Ergonomic design, premium quality

  • Rugged yet light weight and ergonomic
  • Designed and built to the highest standards in Great Britain
  • Self Test for confidence and trust in your locator measurements


Other key features about the RD8200 include:

Industrial grade display for outdoor usage

RD8200 locators and transmitters use transflective low power LCD technology that uses ambient light to improve screen readability in direct sun light and extend battery life.


Current Direction, track the right line

Identify your target amongst a number of parallel utilities by applying a specialized CD signal from a Tx-10 transmitter. CD arrows displayed on the locator confirm you are tracing your target line.


This minimizes risk of accidents Visual, vibration and audio warnings, both in active and passive locating modes, of shallowed utility lines.

Vibration feedback

This feature reduces the chance of missed warnings The RD8200 locator handle vibrates when alerts activate, leaving the operator to
concentrate on the job at hand.

Usage-logging with GPS positioning

The RD8200G locator automatically stores all locate parameters providing a comprehensive picture of field operations. Supervisors or health and safety personnel can analyse the data to assess usage patterns in order to ensure adherence to best-practice and to identify training needs before poor work habits develop. The information can also be shared with partners or clients to evidence task completion or compliance to service requirements. Usage data can be exported in multiple file formats – for example KML for Google Maps to confirm where and when work was performed.


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