Structural Monitoring For Mining

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Move solutions is always improving their offerings to the Australian market and this change is the biggest one yet.

Move Solutions will offer for a 1 off fee the ability to transfer Move Solutions Algorithms and API’s within your server and create the ability to utilize all Move Solutions Monitoring Sensors across your mine sites and infrastructure.


API's & Algorithm's

Move Solutions has spent years developing the best Monitoring API’s available. Providing predictive modelling and the best data collection available.

How it Works

Move Solutions will discuss with your IT Infrastrucutre team and work together with your team to impliment within your network the Move Solutions API’s and Algorithms that set them apart from the competition.

Safe & Secure Data

With the data implimented within your servers you can be sure no outside eyes will be able to view, access or manipulate your data.

Best Sensors Available

Move Solutions has the best and biggest range of sensors available on the market. From standard Tilt Sensors, Accelerometers, Crack Meters as well as their patented DECK sensor which monitoring dynammic displacment in MM and their Wireless Vibrometers.

For All Things to do with structural health monitoring

Cody Corporation Has You Covered

Perfect for Australian Mining Companies

Have you been looking for a monitoring solution that works within your requirements?

Are you looking to utilize the emerging technology and have complete control over the data collected?

Move Solutions has heard you and this is the only available out of the box Monitoring Solution available.

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