Upgrade your Old Laser Level

By Cody Corporation
Sokkia LP30 laser level

Upgrade your Old Laser Level

When it comes to Upgrading your old laser level gone are the days of purchasing old manual levelling laser levels that were build out of solid metal and able to withstand 25 years of beatings. From high drops to hot & wet days to hours of constant use and abuse these old school lasers would be able to stand the test of time.

Some of these older laser levels which have been around for many years and have since become obsolete and unable to be purchased anymore are as follows:

  • Proshot L4.7
  • Sokkia LP30A
  • Sokkia LP31
  • Spectra Physics LL500
  • Proshot AS2 Single Grade Laser

Below we are going to go over some replacement lasers for the above-mentioned lasers.

As technology has improved so has Laser Levels. The above mentioned lasers have since been upgraded upon by other manufactures.

Proshot L4.7

First off the Proshot L4.7 which has been such a dependable and useful laser level for over 20 years has finally been discontinued and the excess stock around the world for this laser level has dwindled down to a limited amount making it very difficult to find a brand new Proshot L4.7.

The Proshot L4.7 has a really good direct replacement; this comes in the form of the Spectra Precision LL300N. You will find that the Spectra Precision LL300N has a remarkably similar price range to the Proshot L4.7 and comparable levels of accuracy and distance.

The Spectra Precision LL300N is a highly tuned simple to operate self-levelling laser level made to keep the ease of use down for novice operators. Unlike the Proshot L4.7 the Spectra Precision LL300N is a self-levelling laser level and has an accuracy of 2.2mm over 30M and a max range of 500M when used with the quality HL450 MM receiver which it comes with. Should you be looking to replace your old Proshot L4.7 then you need to look no further than the Spectra precision LL300N.

Sokkia LP30 & Sokkia LP31

The next old school laser levels on our list is the Sokkia LP30A and Sokkia LP31, these 2 are highly sought-after laser levels. Highly dependable and extremely accurate makes the Sokkia LP30A and Sokkia LP31 a concreters best friend. Now that these units have become obsolete its time to look for an alternative replacement. The Spectra Precision HV302 is the best unit for replacing these 2 units.

The Spectra Precision HV302 has an accuracy of 1.5mm over 30M and a max range of 600M but it also comes with bonus features such as Grade matching for being able to accurately complete multiple grades to the same level. It also boasts Vertical and Horizontal Planelok ability ensuring your alignment is always correct.

Spectra Physics LL500

The next laser level on our list is the Spectra Physics LL500, this is one of the most dependable lasers on this list. Highly accurate, solid housing, weatherproof and an excellent robust tool. Customers have used this laser for over 20 years and never had an issue, that is a testament to the quality of build from Spectra Physics back when these were first created.

Unfortunately, the Spectra Physics LL500 is no longer a current model but fear not there is an amazing replacement, so much so that its almost the exact same unit.

A few years back Spectra Precision purchased Spectra physics and acquired this laser level within their line-up, Spectra precision made the very smart decision of not changing this unit in the slightest other then changing its name.

Introducing the direct replacement for the Spectra Physics LL500 is the Spectra Precision LL500. With the exact same specifications, Housing, and features as its predecessor this makes the Spectra Precision LL500 the same dependable laser as you have always had.

We undertook a quality study of all the major laser levels on the market recently and the Spectra Precision LL500 came out as the most accurate, weatherproof, had the longest distance and was the only Manual Levelling Laser Level left on the market. If you have an old Spectra Physics LL500 that your looking to replace or repair, then fear not the concreters best friend is still here and still the best laser level you can get your hands on.

Proshot AS2

The final laser on this list is the Proshot AS2 Single Grade Laser, For years this single grade laser was the go to laser when you required an affordable, accurate and durable grade laser for all concreting, trenching & excavating work.

Unfortunately with the AS2 laser no longer being part of our lineup in Australia and with second-hand versions of the AS2 difficult to find here you may need to look at alternative replacements.

Luckily, we have an excellent replacement for the Proshot AS2 Single Grade Laser thats where the Spectra Precision GL412N comes in.

The Spectra Precision GL412N is an upgrade on the AS2 in every way, with a self-levelling vial making it much more accurate grade laser, a digital grade input allowing for highly accurate low grade points to be put into the laser and is boasts the ability to be able to self-level whilst in grade mode ensuring constant accuracy throughout the day whilst on site.


As you may have noticed the Spectra precision line-up of Laser Levels & Grade Lasers is the best line-up on the market. No matter your application and what your looking to achieve when it comes to using a Laser Level Spectra Precision has the whole range covered.

Spectra are the Laser Arm of Trimble so you can guarantee their products are quality tools built for the harshest environments and built to last for many years.

If you have any questions about any of the above-mentioned Lasers or a different Laser you have currently and looking for a replacement, contact us below


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