Bear Belly Grader

Bear Belly Grader

The Bear Belly Grader is a custom build Earthmoving Solution designed to make Levelling Work EASY!!

The Bear Belly Grader combines 3 elements into 1 completed solution for ease of purchase and a 1 stop shop for your Earthmoving Levelling Solution.

  • Kubota MX5200 Tractor

The Kubota’s MX5200 utility tractor is designed to tackle almost any task. And with our HST model, those tasks just got easier. Experience the smooth performance and increased control of our MX HST model. With the net power of Kubota’s 50HP
engine, the MX5200 is a highly responsive workhorse, ready for tough jobs.

  • Latec Dual Slope Laser Control System

The Latec Dual Laser Control System is designed to let you achieve maximum control of your grading system, at a very friendly price. The system controls the valve packages, giving the user both LED and a real-time LCD display so you are always in touch with the blade position.

The EG Series receivers can detect any rotating red beam laser with its 173mm (7″) capture range, and in turn indicates the blade position to within a 2mm accuracy.

The receiver has LED indicator lights that give the same output as the control box LED indicators. So whether you’re standing on the field , or driving the machine you’ll always know where your blade needs to be. The control box allows the user to configure the display to indicated variances from the on grade position in real-time. The Receiver is able to attach to a 45mm (1 3/4 Inch) standard pipe.

The system controls the grader blade through a Rexroth proportional current valve body – This proportional vale improves the level of smoothness and accuracy that the grader blade will achieve. This decreases the amount of passes and improves your level of job accuracy.

Latec Dual Laser Control System with Millimetre Offset

  • Custom Made 2200mm Grader Blade

Drive productivity and profitability with our custom built grader blade, it is made from heat treated, through-hardened, quenched and tempered alloy steel and have hardness ratings between 450-510 Brinell to minimise abrasion and reduce replacement schedules.


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