MOBA Laser-matic and Dual Laser-matic

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Grading plays a significant role in agriculture. On an even cropland, plants can equally be planted, watered and fertilized. Those efficient work processes not only save considerable time but also conserve resources. Through an optimized irrigation and fertilization, also a steady growth is ensured. The farmer thus benefits from an increase in growth of up to 25%!


System Features

  • Easy to operate
  • Laser-assisted control system for precise grade & slope results
  • Flexible sensor combination for different applications
  • Up to 10 hydraulic configuration can be saved
  • Can be adapted to any machine (hydraulics)

System Benefits

  • Optimal driver guidance to get better soil surface
  • Improved field traffic ability for the subsequent field operations
  • Less water requirement for land preparation
  • Reduced consumption of seeds, fertilizers, chemicals and fuel
  • Increase in farming area

In other sectors, precise leveling is even important. In road construction, unevenness is hindering a uniform, efficient asphalting and in turn a safe driving experience. Also, in the construction of sports facilities or airfields, a flat surface is essential.

With the MOBA Laser-matic, surfaces can be easily and precisely levelled. The Laser Receiver LS-3000, which is located on the variable Electronic Mast ETM-900, receives height references of a stationary laser transmitter. The accurate topographic measurement and hydraulic control carries out the Laser-matic Digital Controller. The height of the kilver, scraper or grader thereby automatically adapts to the received information – in real time! Due to the remarkable length of the laser receiver of 30cm it is always optimally connected to the laser. The wide range allows the ride through rough terrain, without the two losing contact. The operator thus saves considerable time since he or she does not have to constantly adjust the height of the laser receiver.

The Dual Laser Matic, extended version of the Laser-matic, has two laser receivers and a slope or ultrasound sensor. The height reference of the stationary laser transmitter thus is simultaneously transmitted to two different laser receivers, thereby determining even more precise data. Leveling conducted by the Dual Laser-matic, in turn, is even more accurate. Using the slope or ultrasound sensor, the slope of the machine can be maintained steadily which is used to precisely implement a predetermined profile.

With leveling technology, the foundation of MOBA was laid 40 years ago. Many years of experience in the market have resulted in an in-depth knowledge on which conditions a proper levelling technology needs to fulfill. Especially in grading, harsh weather conditions can significantly complicate work. Therefore, all electronic systems by MOBA exist of particularly robust parts. Additionally, they are equipped with a specially developed potting technology, which protects them from wind, water, dust and vibrations at all times. More flexibility is reached by different pre-programmable hydraulic configurations that allow a time-efficient change between different machines. The equipment with a CAN-based technology also ensures a trouble-free upgrade or convenient replacement of all sensors anytime. The lifetime of the Laser-matic is thereby considerably extended.

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