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2D MACHINE CONTROL SYSTEM FOR EXCAVATION WORK  – Measue depth, distance, and slope

Xsite® EASY is an easy-to-use machine control system that saves time and money for the contractor. When the bucket level is known with an accuracy of one centimetre, there is no need for level-checking pauses in excavation work. Machine control just cannot get any easier!



Excavation depth and distance

You can measure the depth and horizontal distance by resetting the bucket at the desired starting point.


Underwater excavation

When dredging, seeing the bucket position on the display is a remarkable advantage. The sensors are fully waterproof.


Bucket tilt angle

With the help of the tilt bucket sensor, you can set the measurement point to the lowest corner of the bucket, and observe the sideways tilt angle on the display.



When measuring the slope, the system indicates the height difference between the bucket and the target surface. The target slope is entered into the system before the work starts.



The laser receiver enables moving the machine at the site without losing the original level. The laser that has been set to a known site level can also act as a reference level.


Height alarm

The alarm thresholds bring added security when, for instance, working under power lines. The system warns the operator if the bucket or boom is raised beyond a set point.



· The work gets done more efficiently and quickly as the operator can concentrate on productive work. Less time spent on the contract means cost savings in employee, fuel, and machinery expenses.

· The accurate measurement device enables tighter tolerances. No excess cutting or filling. Material and transportation costs decrease as the use and transportation of extra materials are no longer needed.

· Higher accuracy leads to more uniform work quality throughout the contract. Machine control turns a good machine operator into a great one!

· Improved jobsite security, as men working close to the machinery or in the excavations are no longer needed.

· The system guides the operator in all weather conditions and, therefore, making the work easier especially under poor conditions, such as rain or darkness.



Different sites place different requirements on the work machine’s measurement system. For some types of tasks, a 2D system is adequate, whereas other sorts of jobs require that the contractor employ a 3D system.

Thanks to compatible sensors, the Novatron systems can be updated in accordance with your growing needs. Xsite® EASY can easily be updated to Xsite® LINK or Xsite® PRO, and Xsite® LINK can be updated to Xsite® PRO. An end-to-end upgrading solution makes Novatron an easy and safe choice that will also cover all your future needs.


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