Topcon 2D LS-B110

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  •     Large working range
  •     360° detection
  •     Rugged, waterproof design
  •     Wireless & CAN compatible
  •     On-grade matching
  •     Plumb/Tilt Indication
  •     Universal pole clamp

Built-to-use – built-to-last Topcon’s LS-B100/110 series are Advanced technology, value-priced laser receivers for dozers, scrapers, excavators, backhoes, and drag-boxes. All LS-B100/LS-B110 receivers feature simple, secure mechanical mounting, 360° beam detection, adjustable on-grade accuracy, alkaline or rechargeable battery operation, water and dust proof cast construction, and bright multi-color LED displays.


With the added Slope and Plumb Indicators, your grading and excavating accuracies are tighter than ever with Topcon’s LS-B110. Plus, the new LS-B 110 enables you to offset the “on-grade ” position with one touch. This gives you an even greater working range. Compatible with Topcon’s family of Control Boxes for all your earth moving equipment the LS-B110 can also be used in “automatic” mode to hydraulically control the elevation and/or the slope of the cutting edge. This takes your production and materials savings up to a whole new level.

Bright, Easy-To-Read, Adjustable Grade Indication

Topcon’s LS-B series receivers provide multi-color grade indication that can be seen even in the driest, dustiest conditions. The LS-B110W and RD-100W even offer the advantage of moving grade indication in to the operator cab should the receiver be out of operator line-of-site, or conditions are to severe to see the receiver.

All LS-B100/LS-B110 Series laser receivers offer four ongrade accuracies from .1″ for tight tolerances to 1.17″ for rough work. Receiver and laser* battery strength are displayed on the LED’s as is laser HI alert (laser has been disturbed).

Laser battery indication provided when used with a Topcon laser.

The LS-B110 and LS-B110W

In addition to ongrade precision, the LS-B110 Series receivers also provide

  •  Ongrade offsets up to 3″ below the laser beam at the touch of a button. No more resetting the laser!
  •  Plumb indication providing visual confirmation that the cutting edge is horizontal on Dozers or scrapers, or that the stick is vertical when making a final cut to grade on excavators and backhoes. Plumb accuracy also offers a fine or course setting.

Versatile Mounting

Topcon’s LS-B100 / LS-B110 Series receivers use mechanical “clamp” type mounts for sure, slip free placement on your machines. Finger knobs are placed on the front of the receivers to make it quick and easy to get to work.

Topcon offers a choice of mounting brackets to fit the way you work

  •  Magnetic pole for excavators and backhoes.
  •  Vibration pole for dozers, scrapers, and compactors.

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