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Simple yet powerful, Topcon’s 2D Excavator indicate system provides in-the-cab machine and cutting edge location in an affordable package.

Topcon’s X-32 allows creation of multiple elevation/slope designs right in the cab! X-32 allows multiple elevations, slopes and complex designs to be cut continuously – without resetting the machine, laser or wait for a surveyor putting elevation stakes on site. Rework due to inaccurate or over excavation is all but eliminated, and waiting around for staking or re-staking is a thing of the past, just dig to the correct elevation as it’s displayed on the display.

The X-32 features a Windows CE based GX-30 control box – fully upgradeable to Topcon’s X-33 GPS excavator system. The X-32 system utilizes four TS-i3 tilt sensors used to measure angles between cab, boom, stick and bucket. A GNSS antenna and receiver keep track of the machines position on the site. Include the optional compass for directional positioning and you have the industry’s most advanced 2D laser indicate system.
Features & Benefits:

  • Cut Grade Fast and Accurate the First Time.
  • Cut to Flat, Vertical and 3D Surfaces.
  • Bright, Easy-to-Use Color Touch Screen.
  • Fully Upgradeable.
  • Improves Job Safety.
  • Brings efficiency and productivity to any job.

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