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Service Locating

Locate underground assets before you dig to avoid infrastructure damage. Cody can locate all your underground assets.

Mobile Weighing

Weigh your Caravan, Truck, trailer and more. Or purchase an on-board weighing system for your own use.

Field Surveying

From field surveying to data manipulation and office data crunching Cody Corporation can help improve your timeline for your important projects

Cody RTK Network

Australia’s cheapest and most reliable RTK Correction Service. With over 200 Bases around Australia you can be sure coverage is near you.

Lidar Scanning

Through the use of our cutting edge Lidar Scanners Cody Corporation can provide you with a highlighy accurate digital twin for your assets.

Structural Health Monitoring

Through the use of our Wireless Monitoring Sensors we can provide you with a holistic monitoring solution for Bridges, Buildings, Tunnels and more

GIS Mapping

Map all your assets in a surveying and location world. Cody Corporation has the expertise to be able to map all your assets effectively and quickly

Laser Service & Calibration

With Australia’s biggest laser service & calibration centre. No matter what brand laser you have we can look after you.



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