Monitor Your Assets Health More Closely Than Ever Before

Bridge Health Monitoring

Measure the dynamic displacement of bridges using the patented Vertical and Horizontal DECK sensors. Being able to determine frequency changes indicates a change in the structures intergity. Using LoRaWAN data transfer allows for fast, seemless and encrypted transfer of all recorded health information. 

Building Health Monitoring

The use of Tilt Sensors and Crack Sensors allows for remote monitoring of all high rise buildings to ensure occupancy safety. Measure the effects of Natural Disasters, Sinking of structures, Tilt of main support columns and the Strain of load bearing beams. Everything required to maintain and safe building. 

Dam Health Monitoring

Using Tilt Sensors and Crack Sensors being able to determine the deformation and degradation of Dams has never been easier. Monitor the formation of cracks right as they happen, monitor them in real-time and allow for minor refurbishment works. Saving on major reconstruction works and maintaining a safe and secure Dam for the future. 

What is Structural Health Monitoring?

Monitoring the health of a civil structure is essential for tracking aging, observing any structural change and preventing collapses, especially for structures subject to stress, such as bridges.
With a network of IoT sensors it is possible to set up any structure and monitor it remotely 24 hours a day.
The goal is to be able to monitor any structure with an easy-to-install, low-cost battery-powered wireless sensor system. So there is no need to lay wiring, and it is possible to leave devices for years on the structure and collect a large amount of data to model its behavior.
Some of the characteristics we want to achieve are the following:


Some of the characteristics we want to achieve with our Structural Health Monitoring Systems are as follows:


Wireless Low Power LoRa Transmission

Being able to transfer large packets of important data over a wireless network is important. Being able to do it fast and securely via encrypted data is even more important. 


Long Lasting Battery Powered Sensors

Having sensors that are able to keep reporting data consistently for many years is paramount. Being able to remove constant battery changes, selected collection of data and wired battery backups are a must. 


Low Price Point Sensors

Keeping the sensors low in costs allows for SHM to be undertaken on jobs for a fraction of the cost of standard health monitoring solutions. Previous SHM options such as in-person structure surveying, radar monitoring and fibre optic monitoring are vastly more expensive and therefore SHM is left out of important structures that should be monitored. That is until now!


High Accuracy Displacement Measurement

Being able to monitor the smallest of changes is of paramount importance for SHM. Having the accuracy of 0.01mm means all the data is highly accurate and therefore valuable to maintaining the degredation and health of structures. 


Vibration Frequency Detection

Determining the change in frequency of bridges allows you highlight quickly and easily the deformation of the structure. This prompts you for further investigation into the change that is occuring. 


Advanced Data Analysis and Advanced Algorithms

Being able to collect all the data is just one part of the job. Having a platform to detail and highlight what information is important to the health of the structure is critical. 

What structures can be monitored?

There are a variety of structures all over the world that Structural Health Monitoring can be used on to effectively maintain the health of structures.

High Rise Buildings and Apartment Blocks

  • Structural Health Monitoring can detect
  • Tilt
  • Crack Formation 
  • Degredation of piles 
  • Load & Strain increase

Bridges and Archways

  • Structural Health Monitoring can detect
  • Frequency changes 
  • Load changes 
  • Crack formation and increase in size
  • Tilt and sinking of ambutments
  • Strain and Load changes

Heritage Buildings and Structures

  • Crack formation 
  • Monitoring of existing cracks
  • Degredation of load bearing uprights
  • Sinking and tilting of structures
  • Load & Strain increase

Dams and Waterways

  • Strain and Load changes
  • Crack formation 
  • Crack Monitoring 
  • Degradation of walls & Abutments
  • Sinking of uprights 
  • Flow changes

Rail Lines and Bridges

  • Frequency and load changes 
  • Tilt and buckling of uprights 
  • Crack formation & Monitoring
  • Sinking of piles 
  • Warping of lines via temperature changes

Motorways and Highways

  • Strain changes 
  • Frequency & Vibration changes 
  • Crack formation & Monitoring
  • Sinking of piles 
  • Strain changes in load bearing beams
  • Warping of roads via temperature changes

DECK Sensor

Our patented Vertical and Horizontal DECK sensor is the leading dynamic displacement sensor. The competitors to the DECK sensor measure displacement in a static mode only this is what sets the DECK sensor apart. High Accuracy, Low Frequency and Live Updates. 

Tiltmeter 1

3 Axis Tilt Sensor

The 3 Axis Tilt sensors are able to determine the twist, tilt and change of vertical stance of a structure. Being able to determine the change in structures integrity quickly enables the health of the structure to be maintained and saves potential insurance issues and huge financial cost. 


The Move Accelerometer can measure the acceleration of the point where it is installed, on the three axes, with high resolution. Like other Move devices, it is full wireless, and the battery lasts for years, in relation to the transmission frequency (timed and/or by threshold exceeding). This Accelerometer also integrates a temperature sensor inside. It is great for dynamic monitoring.

Vibrometer 2





The wireless Vibrometer is able to measure the velocity of the point where it is installed, providing a complete analysis of the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations. Performs real-time and remote vibrational analysis. Understand if the vibrations and stresses caused by construction sites close to the monitored structure exceed the values set by the legislation in force. All sensors also record temperature, are battery powered and use the LoRaWAN wireless communication protocol.

Measure Your World

Know the health of all your structures all over the world from the comfort of your office. Be alerted when something changes, extend the lifespan of structures and save time and money on costly repairs and in-person monitoring.

Have a read of the case study undertaken in Indonesia. Using Tiltmeter data only to determine the displacement of the bridge over a period of time to better understand the effects the bridge is encountering. This data allows for the Health and Lifespan of the bridge to be determined and extended by improving response time for repairs and maintanence of the bridge. 

Case Study

Bridge Displacement Using Structural Health Monitoring

Our White Paper which was undertaken in 2018 on the Vespucci bridge in Florence, italy is a test detailing the data produced from DECK sensors on a bridge vs Interferometric Radar. The ability to provide Accurate, Constant and Affordable monitoring solutions allows for health of structures to be monitored continuously, extending the lifespan of the bridge drastically.

White Paper

Test of DECK Sensors vs Interfermetric Radar

Return On Investment

Structural Health Monitoring sounds like an excellent idea. Being able to receive valuable information about the condition of a structure is amazing, but what exact benefits can a SHM system provide?

Avoid Emergencies

Being able to detect events occuring in real time will allow for shorter closures, quicker response to incidents, safer structures for occupants and the ability to prevent structure failures earlier. Receiving upto date live information is the key factor to being able to avoid very costly events from occuring.

Maintain Structure Health

Maintaining the health of structures is the fundamental reason behind SHM systems. So much so thats its in the name. Being able to extend the lifespan of a structure can avoid costly rebuilds and unneccisary refurbishments by understanding the state the structure is in at all times.

avoid costly repairs

Being able to determine if a structure requires refubishments, repairs and reconstruction early on can avoid major works to be undertaken. Avoiding major works also avoids the major costs included. Extending the life of structures also allows for refurbishments and replacements to be postponed for a while.

Structural Health Monitoring Articles

Structural Health Monitoring

Want to know more about the general sense of Structural Health Monitoring and how it can save you Hundreds of Thousands of dollars over the years in preventing major reconstruction work? 

Structural Monitoring For Mining

Are you a a mining company and looking for a Structural Monitoring Solution? Move Solutions has the perfect option.

Railway Monitoring

With Rail infrastructure becoming more important to modern society having an effective way of remotely monitoring these assets is important. Learn more about our Sensors and Solutions here.

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